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  1. Loki's zil80

    Thanks pmod, appreciate you following it all these years Used the rb rear diffuser until it got destroyed, it now has the origin raceline rear bar. I'll cover that in the next post.
  2. Loki's zil80

    Get this alot now.. why do the following, what inspired it, or how did i come up with it? My answer: It was a whim of japanese spirt. Individuality, fun and boredom. My friend got me into japanese cars, I'd initially wanted an s14a, instead I ended up with a strawberry face sil80 bought unseen interstate. Looking back on it now, it was potential stupidity that somehow worked out fine. I wasn't overly fond of the s15 front, but the car itself just gave me good vibes. I had my cousin grab it for me then flew interstate and drove it back home. Soon after i bought the 260z.. The 180 turned into an ever-evolving part of my life. I combined my 3 favourite models of cars; 180sx, s14a, and the FairladyZ series into a 'Zil80'. It started with the scribbles, then accumulating the parts and mocking them together to see if it was possible and how much work would be involved. Figured why the hell not, the 180 was due for some serious bodywork repairs anyway. This faceswap could of been done without fabbing much at all to be honest. A few botchy headlight brackets and a hacked up front bar would result in something similar. But i wanted to do it properly and legally. It also gave me a chance to tub and extend the front a little more for cooling options in future. Took it to a friends panel shop, explained my madness, and we cracked into it. I love pretty fabwork people do with tubs and tubing but i had a set timeframe and budget to work with so it had to be something stock looking, practical, realistic, strong and efficient (without hacking up legalities such as strut towers or rails). Biggest bonus was being able to extend the front for rad clearance and make it a bolt on piece for easy motor pulling goodness. The fenders were raised, widened and modified, and the hinges were also modified. Damage to the rear quarters from hitting stuff and overfenders got repaired, and the rear tow hook having been ripped off and damaging the tailgate also, all got cut out and replaced. While this was going on, i designed and commissioned a friend to build me a set of led tail lights. Polished the jz back up to its former clean glory and picked off some bits for paint. Once paint was complete i took it to a friends to borrow his hoist, threw the motor back in and fitted up all the aero before taking it to another friends workshop to finish some last minute wiring, service, alignment and get it running. Ichigo is a ruthless saga of blood, sweat, tears, money, stress, happiness, effort, time, determination and heartache. It's my greatest happiness and my biggest fear. I am beyond greatful to everyone that has been involved and helped me get it this far. For me, it's always fun, and i suppose until the day its not, it's just going to keep evolving for many more years to come. Oneday when it kills me i'll be happy to die in best coffin ever. Catching back up on updates, i'll have a late as hell matsuri experience to post, then the latest happenings with it. Thanks for reading
  3. Loki's zil80

    Damn. Thread resurrection much. おひさしぶりですね! Hi all, it's been a long time! Ill make this easy and time-skip with highlights. The Gold jz dropped its thrust washer bearings and spun a big end 1 year later. I bought a boss UCF11 to use in between getting the zed running, fixing ichigo. Following months i found another 1jz done a full gasket kit and Its been going fine for the last 2 years since. I drove 2016 Autumn Matsuri before falling out of driving due to work commitments. I Continued to build my cars, I still own my 1973 260z, the black 180 "Ichigo", the r33 daily, and a new 180sx addition I call RE11. The Zed was on daily duties for most of 2016 before being put into the garage for a rest. The R33 blew the motor and was out of action for a few months getting new bearings and a refresh. Ichigo was a solid Daily but it was getting pretty aesthetically tired and needed some TLC. The new addition, was a blue rolling shell i had acquired and had to reassemble. After getting most of it together i decided to buy the Spirit Rei Miyabi kit for it, sent it into Boost Smash for a respray in Millenium Jade. Soon after, I brought Ichigo in for an overhaul. And things got interesting...
  4. Loki's zil80

    Inverell Inlanders.
  5. Team2j - 2jzs14

    Coming along well. Not sure if you know of them but a T-Bar company called Goleby's Parts does everything JZ including proper made AC delete brackets for the PS pump
  6. My god the fab work put into this is next level art! Awesome job!
  7. Air jacks.. 0.o you have my undivided attention. Haha those tubs looks sweet, whole car looks rad, well done!
  8. Loki's zil80

    It came from NSW xD Definitely! We can go sailing sometime Keen on Sunnybank bubble tea?
  9. Jase's RB25 180sx, finally driving it!

    This thing still exist?
  10. Loki's zil80

    Just when i'd almost believed an epic year of bad luck was over, it just had to prove me wrong. Had finished setting AFRs, re-wrapping of dump, fixed that annoying overrheating issue and bought a super expensive Blitz pod(impulse buys are killer ) the 180 was running super mint, had finally been able to up boost to around 14. To celebrate, gave it a bath and took it for a run to dinner. Had this minor issue where the clutch was coming and going but only ever under hard load/ boost. Drifting was harder than usual but had figured the dump must of been boiling the clutch master creating havoc as it would disappear the moment i got off it. Had been doing it for the past year with no sign of change. So pulling into this drive thru, i put my foot on the clutch and.. spun a bearing. Now i am no mechanic, i just fix what i break and learn as i go but 3 knocks in, i had the car off and rolling into the car park, got out had a good look around the bay and g/box. Had replaced the stock clutch with a brass button less than 3000km ago.. but sadly knew that sound way too well to get my hopes up. Turned the key and sure enough, it was the sound of drums at an amazon sacrifice. What were the chances of all things.. Waiting for a tow, toying with things and something just didn't seem right(minus the obvious). Had already mentally flagged saving this motor so i turned it back on for a moment, curious. The knocking changed noticeably when i gave the clutch a quick test. Got back out and found harmonic balancer rubbing against timing cover. Tried Prying it with a screw driver.. and the crank walked a good 5mm+. At this point all i could do was laugh in a "this is f**ked" kinda way. This had screwed my last week at the new job, the car was due to drive 1000km back to bris in less than 48 hours. Thankfully a good mate came to the rescue volunteering for a roadtrip. Turns out that rattling in the sump was 2 of 4 thrust washer bearings.. had survived a year giving it hell with two, how its past life owner never heard it munching them up in the first place i will never know. Faith in toyota renewed! *Waves little japan flags* Getting home i had a bunch to do and a tight time frame to work with. The 260z had been freighted and someone from the company had tampered with everything trying to start and joyride it, when it didn't(hardwired fuel pump and coil separately and hid wires for transporting) he had rammed something or dropped something heavy into the back of it breaking the 432 wing and damaging the rear. Really hit rock bottom that week. Week later i decided to attempt a sensible decision to start fresh with a more useable daily, had a few bits to swap over in each celsior then drove the Black one 5 hours to its new owner. Ended up with a clean 33 with a forged 25, but had the gayest bonnet scoop in history. Fixed that asap but unfortunately stock suspension was complete cactus. Had initially bought a spare 1j with my R154, it was incomplete but had new everything with a huge china turbo and mani.(binned) Pulled motor down and found it'd been rebuilt. Done a gasket kit on it and swapped my gear over. Funds were low by now but after cracking the previous mani multiple times, resorted to buying a new one from an unnamed supplier. Devastated that I couldn't afford a 6 boost again, it's definitely a must do soon. This unnamed thing instead has fought me every step of the way, unfortunately it'll have to make do for a while. Didn't care what the motor/bay would turn out like but after a while it convinced me it should look bare, simple and clean. Got old pretty quick, Have yet to rid the bay of copper colours. Getting around to rewiring a thermo/hid birds nest properly into the dash. New J is in, few things left, then it's off for a dump and due for shakedown. Wish me luck lol, i'll probably need it.
  11. FOR SALE (or swaps) Set of Stich Gulf rare 3 piece jap wheels 5x114.3 18x8.5+29 18x10+11 Fronts are new, rears are alright, minor rash on lip. New tyres all round 2k with tyres, or interested may swap for a set of decent 17"s. Location: Liverpool
  12. Loki's zil80

    Looking into knuckles for the end of year, thanks for the head up BlingCMDR!
  13. Loki's zil80

    Been busy. Zed is running, it ate another pair of carbs. So much fun driving it again Bought a daily celsior, fairly stock. 18x11+0 Veilside Andrews, solid metal bodywork, leather interior, cut springs, few bits of JP accessories such as curtains/trimmings. Threw on some pig pipes, replaced a leaking torque conv. seal, and have BCBR's waiting. Saito plates just for the lols ;P Ichigo is consuming epic time and funds recently. Replaced most of the front end with new gear. new rad thermos 65 degree thermostat raybrigs s13 tension brackets s14 steering rack s14 tie rods s14 adj. tie rod ends s13 adj. castor arms s13 40mm roll centre adj. s14 lcas yay+20mm Snapped spot welds off rad support too lol. Rebuilt diff, all new internals+shims. (3 cbf years of sliding a sloppy LSD, so keen haha ) Destroyed clutch and press. plate Got a new Exedy plate, machined fly, and a 6 puc brass button. Gearbox was making a mess with a leaky rear ext seal. Sold the Wolfs, bought a set of Stich Gulf, 18x8.5 +29 / 18x10 +11. Not sure if i like them, may sell and save for some TE37Vs Throwing in a wideband sometime next week... & the 180 should feel awesome again. Love JZ life :3 parts cleaner is god!
  14. Loki's zil80

    Picking up my game a bit.A..A... ...A bit happened.