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  1. idnetify my rear housing gt3071r

    My 3071 had a 0.82 rear on it and 0.82 was imprinted into the inside of the rear housing. Mine was internal gate though, I don't know what yours is. It shouldn't be that bad, mine was a bit laggy but I have an RB20 so that's to be expected, what engine is yours on?
  2. 180sx electrical problem

    Car fairly low? Might've rubbed through the loom that runs in the wheel arch dude
  3. Autumn Ebisu Matsuri 2014, Whose Going?

    .Ryan. had it before Dan
  4. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Sounds like something you'd find on a 90's HKS sticker or something haha
  5. Joeys R33 4 door

    lolwat Yeah silver is almost grey
  6. James' S13

    Are you from Bendigo dude? Swear I saw this this morning
  7. rob's sil80 garage ornament.

    Oh yeah, as you do!Good luck with the tune dude
  8. Where's skids on Sunday? Did you guys organise another DECA day?
  9. Fuel Submersible Hose

    Submersible is totally different from normal fuel hose dude. OP: just flicking through the proflow catalogue the other day, they have submersible fuel hose. I'll find out the series on the weekend for you.
  10. Lady Luck now rb25 in the build

    Did it f**k anything else or just BHG? If just BHG that's a wicked spare!
  11. Lady Luck now rb25 in the build

    Good job dude What's the bottom end next to your car in the pic?
  12. I like both fronts but f**k S2 with S3 bar is bad! S3 whole front conversion is the go if you don't like S1/2
  13. S2 with S3 front bar, kill it with fire!
  14. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    Only Shams did... Because it was Shams
  15. Was a good deal, I thought it was steep so I was like f**k it I'll just get mine done, ended up just as much as he wanted for it but I had to supply everything! Lol. Yeah have fun with that, it's a cunt of a thing haha I've had mine in and out about 5 times in the last month