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  1. S13 parts galore

    Also interested in these things^ + condition on bonnet?
  2. General chit chat thread!

    Super sports are what I'm into, big fan of fireblades. I'm not really too fussed on what I start out on though, as long as it works fine and I can tinker with it.
  3. General chit chat thread!

    Got my Ls last Friday. Too keen to start riding. Haven't really had much experience with bikes though.
  4. Qld Drift Matsuri "Who's Going"

    I'll be there, but just spectating.
  5. Weird shit happening.

    Was the end result here the alarm? I drove over a cattle grid and my wipers won't shut off. So far I've replaced the relay, stalk and motor. No joy.
  6. things that annoy you

    Lads. As in, the polo shirt wearing kids that constantly speak pig Latin.
  7. Shit talkers' thread

    I hate to admit it (being a p plater myself) but that green p hanging from the number plate just screams, "I'm a little cocky faggot."
  8. Shit talkers' thread

    heres the photos of the 14.
  9. Shit talkers' thread

    That 14 is an abomination. But apparently it's cheaper for him to restore it rather than import another. Sucks to be him
  10. Sorry for the off topic reply guys, but how did you get into the mines? I'm pretty keen on getting in, even if it's the lowest pay grade and I work my way up.
  11. Honestly think china could take USA on its own simply due to larger numbers, but maybe USA could even the playing field with their more advanced weaponry. Definitely not the world though.
  12. Worth upgrading fuel pump?

    Really the only downside I've heard is noise, and that's not really an issue for me, I just want a pump I know I can rely on not to die pretty much. Walbro 255 the way to go on the way of aftermarket?
  13. So my fuel pump looks like it is on the way out, just wondering if it is worth getting the walbro upgrade, or trying to find a working oem one. Any opinion would be appreciated.
  14. New age drifters

    Ahh seems legit. Thanks for the help guys, I'll start researching.