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  1. Brake pad selection

    Intima type D will serve your purpose quite well. Work ok from cold and are brilliant after a corner or two. Johnny Dose Pipe Sutututu can sort you out with good deals on them. Try pm him or email johnny@trak-life.com
  2. Trolley Jacks

    Have had one for a couple of years. Pretty damn good for the price.
  3. S13 sr20det problems!

    Op says fuel pressure is 2 bar @ idle. I'd be looking at the fpr and then fuel system if that doesn't sort it.
  4. S13 sr20det problems!

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't fuel pressure be 3 bar at idle
  5. another S15 Gearbox issue

    Still running the dual mass flywheel? I had a similar issue, clutch would operate fine for 20-30 mins and would then go spongey as you describe. When I pulled it down the only thing I could see that didn't look right was the flywheel. It had lost its tension and had a lot of slack. Replaced the lot with a new clutch/flywheel kit and problem was gone. Does yours work ok from cold and then go spongey or is it permanently like that now?
  6. Semi Slick Track Tyres

    I live in budget land. Probably going to try nankang ar1 next time around, unless I get some super deal again.
  7. Semi Slick Track Tyres

    I'm currently running ad08r 265/35/18. Have done 3 track days and 7000km on them and they still look to be around 80% tread. I've also bought a 2nd set of wheels and bought proper semi slicks (A050 softs 255/40/18) have done 3 track days on those and they look to have 2 maybe 3 more track days in them. I managed to get fantastic deals on both, the ad08r I got for 260 each when they had buy 3 get 1 free. The A050 set me back 200 each (2 year old stock) that was a bargain. I can't justify retail prices for Yokohamas but at the above rates I would never buy anything else. Sadly I doubt I'll ever get those sort of deals again.
  8. Semi Slick Track Tyres

    123s are not a semi, more a dual purpose Street/motorsport tyre. I have used them and they did grip quite well, probably on par with federal rsr but they did not last. 2 track days and 3-4000 km on the street and they where gone.
  9. max rwkw from s15 injectors?

    Whatever you do, don't buy refurbished/redrilled junk. Genuine Nismo or top feed modern conversion if you could be bothered. Cheap eBay injectors is asking for trouble. My 2c.
  10. Stanley comp gauge from supershit, $40. sr tested at roughly 145 psi each and rb tested at 170psi across all 6. I'd say the Stanley is reasonably accurate.
  11. You can buy a comp test gauge from supershit auto for about $40 and following some internet instructions do it yourself.
  12. That is quite bad. Is there lots of smoke coming out the exhaust? I can think of a couple of possibilities. Worn rings or damaged turbo oil seals. I would recommend doing a compression test on the engine as a starting point, followed by a leak down test. If it is very low then an engine rebuild will be required. If compression is ok then you can start looking elsewhere, most probably at the turbo. Do a comp test and report back. Cheers.
  13. That's a pretty good price. I paid around that 3 years ago. You could try emailing Jesse Streeter and see what he can do them for.