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  1. Lockies S15 VVL Kicked In Yo Version 2.2

    Looking forward to future updates!
  2. Daily Driver S15

    Thanks mate! I wouldn't say I know what I'm do per say; just having a go at making the car suit my vision of the ideal S15. Even though there is a large aftermarket scene for this car I feel the focus on it is very narrow with a main focus on it being performance; Looking for alternatives regarding interior parts and different solutions has left me thinking I need to make my own parts.
  3. Daily Driver S15

    Hi all, Thought I'd start a build thread on my S15 to liven up the forum! I bought the car approximately July 2016; it's been a bitter sweet experience thus far. The car has given me such joy with the nimble chassis and rear wheel drive shenanigans (read rotating the rear at every roundabout :p) The story behind acquiring the S15 was one of desire of fun as I'd been burnt-out on my E30 restoration. I'd spend the previous 2 years buying tools and building jigs and tearing down an old BMW E30 to find it was beyond saving and I was beyond caring! The S15 I own is a 99 JDM Spec R. It had the following mods: - Apex-i Power FC - HKS upgraded turbo actuator - Upgraded dump pipe - Pace maker down pipe - 3.5" exhaust to muffler (Exhaust is droney as FCK) - 350Z 17" wheels After buying the car of a brothers friend for a good deal, I soon found the old girl needed a lot of love. First order of business was getting new tires, the current tires were bald - fitted a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (235/45/17). I rate these tires really well and have lasted well for 2 years; the rear set are due for change but that's due to my driving...... 2 months in owning the car, the engine wasn't very responsive to throttle - Took the car to E-Tuner in Campbellfield VIC to be tuned. Spent 3 hours on the rollers to have the drivability issues fixed. The car had a boost leak fixed and the Power FC tuned properly. Car made 188rwkw and 178rwkw on safer boost setting. Soon after having the car tuned I had to change the engine mounts as the gear shifter flopped around - I chose to use Nismo engine and transmission mounts; those two items transformed the shifting feel! Thus far the mod list on the car: - Apex-i PFC - X-Force twin tip muffler - Splitfire Coilpacks - Midnight mods turbo lines - HKS turbo actuator - FMIC - ARC intake - Walbro GS342 fuelpump I'll be adding more in the coming days in other mods done to the car such as my own gear shift boot (made for less than $5). The plan for the car is to get it cleaned up more and add parts that compliment the spirit of the car; my ideal direction is to make it in the spirit of a 911 GT3 or Shelby GT350R - I plan on making my own rear set delete with carpeting to smarten up the rear section. Next mods on my list are: - Whiteline sway bars front & rear along with major suspension bushes - MCA coilover suspension (might go for the purple series) - R32 GTR wheels - wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires - Battery relocation to boot If anyone has any questions about the car any of the mods let me know. Cheers
  4. Lossing Power Under Full Throttle

    Hi all, the car has been sorted out a the tuner. I ended up taking my car to ETUNER out at Campbellfield. The crew there were super good with the car. Went for a test run and the tuner new the car had a horrible tune. Got the car on the rollers and he found a boost leak. For some reason there was a t-piece in the pipe that connects the boost controller solenoid to the wastegate. Once he got into the Power FC he found that it had no tune, the O2 sensor wasn't turned on in the ECU, injectors set to 100%.... suffice to say it was difficult to get a base figure before tuning; 132kw was the base line with 260nm. By the end of the tune he got it up to 188kw and 370nm at the wheels. Car drives a crap tonne better now. All I have to do is change sparkplugs as the tuner said the previous state would have lunched them. Should I go for? "BCPR7ES" a good idea as I'm at 20psi apparently. Cheers.
  5. Lossing Power Under Full Throttle

    Thanks for all the advise guys! I'll be taking the car to get tuned within the fortnight. I'll have a look at the turbo piping and see if I can find any spongy plastic or leaks.
  6. Lossing Power Under Full Throttle

    Thanks for the advice! Is the DW300 a drop in, in-tank fuel pump? I do hope that the symptoms are of a crappy tune and nothing mechanical. As a quick side note, I noticed in the "Let's Talk Brake Pads!" thread you were a reseller of the Intima pads. Could I PM you about a bundle deal as I need pads and rotors all round?
  7. Lossing Power Under Full Throttle

    Thanks for the advice, I was planning on taking my car to chequered tunning as they're close and heard good things. Would you advise a new fuel pump (i.e. Bosch 040 or Walbro equivalent) before a tune as it's a 17 year old pump? I do often feel like it's leaning out as the car operates a lot better in the high RPM in hot weather as opposed to the cold (correct me if I'm wrong but warmer weather requires less fuel in the ARF as the air is less oxygen dense). I'll check the car for the OEM fuel pressure regulator and see if it's been upgraded. I've bought the car off my brothers friend, so with little to no info on modifications and maintenance on the car I haven't been able to figure out what's wrong.
  8. Hi all, I've been looking on the forum for awhile about this issue and can't seem to find anyone with the same symptoms as mine. My S15 has a weird problem where it'll feel strong and linear in power delivery untill I apply full throttle, and after 5000RPM it feels as if the engine looses 50% power. I've found modulating the throttle after 5000RPM helps (75%-90%) and the car feel strong and powerful. My question is, is the fuel delivery that's crapping out (dodgy fuel pump) or ignition (coilpacks) or the car has a shit tune. The car is a JDM S15 with stock turbo but HKS waste gate actuator, Apexi-Power FC, HKS Dump-pipe & full 3" exhaust. Thanks in advance all.