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  1. I can't help but notice you run an s14/s15 style camber arms but it's an s13? Not sure how much that would affect the coilovers hitting the camber arms though As for the traction arm, you have to run shorter as that's how gktech knuckle is setup, if you have it at factory length, one of the arms will not clear(was awhile since i did mine)
  2. Highly unlikely, the z34 box looks almost same size as the z33, and the adapter spaces the whole gearbox backwards so it will likely require some bashing
  3. How good/bad are the chasebay no booster setup? Have you driven it hard to see how bad/good you can lean on them? I've asked Chasebay about it and their answer is that it has been used in numerous cars with 6 pot fronts so there will be no issue, haven't see any feedback from anyone online other than the drift guys....
  4. Other than a remote booster setup, i dont think any other booster in nissan family will clear Some of the guys use Nissan sentra from around the same era and it is considerably smaller, but still, dont think it will clear Sentra booster: It's not as thick as the s14/s15 booster
  5. spl solid bush install help

    I think i've ditched the adapter ring altogether and just use the factory lower bushing cup; as with the ring, there wasn't much thread for the nut Both me and my mates car ran like these with no issues
  6. S15 Grip/Street/Track build thread

    Yes you're totally right! Hang on to 3.9 ratio as they are hard to come by as well, been looking for one for ages
  7. S15 Grip/Street/Track build thread

    You're not entirely a rookie as you know the speedo runs off the abs sensor on the diff Good job on the headlight, looks good Previous rig looks solid too, good luck getting it inspected!
  8. S15 Grip/Street/Track build thread

    Might want to change to a different final drive to suit your 5spd, the stock 6spd (close ratio) is matched with 3.6 so if you use 5spd with 3.6, it's going to feel sluggish (in a sense) You will need to swap to a 4.11 or 4.3 (if you want to retain abs, that will have to be source from r33 gtst s2 as they come with abs) manual r33 is 4.11, auto r33 is 4.3 Quite hard to come by but just keep an eye out on gumtree for people wrecking r33s, most of them are s1 (non abs) but there are s2 every now and then

    Yes this fits the s15 Silvia. Its supposed to make the rear end feel more planted. I had planned to installed the nismo version In my s15 iv got the following braces: ultra racing fender brace ultra racing ladder brace ultra racing rear member subframe brace (pretty much a monkey brace but mounted under the car that bolts to the subframe as well) cusco Rear strut brace ARC front strut brace Nismo power brace Improvement in ride quality and now no creaking in the dash or rear while going up driveways ect. the suspension feels a lot softer so you can stiffen up the dampers. Fender braces and nismo power braces make a massive difference along with a rear strut brace if you currently don't have one. If you can weld in the fender brace ! Next stage stich welding the whole chassis It fits the s14/15 if you dont raise your subframe, only fits stock subframe position I agree with the power brace. it makes a huge difference imo Funny about the creaking noise as i used to have it as well but after all the rear end refreshed, everything is nice and tight
  10. 110% that's an s15 because i've spent a good month in it removing the sound deadening, i meant to say 74981W is where you should check, pics of my interior to mark out where the bungs are
  11. There's a bung hole right near the rear of passenger seat, nothing in the middle of the seat where you said it's very wet though, refer pic below, 74981WG near the rear seat hump Have you jack the car up and see what's wrong? I've seen an s15 before with rusted out floor pan which was only realised when the owner felt the carpet was abit wet
  12. 60hp from a coilpack swap? That's unreal What do you have to do to make them fit? LS coil seems to be the norm upgrade
  13. Front billet knuckle to suit s13 or s14/s15, spindle is diff What are you replacing it with?
  14. Mid April and still waiting for more updates!
  15. FS: ENKEI NT03+M 18X10+18

    Cheap for 10" rims! far out They use it for nitrogen fillings so you dont lose your nitrogen when you need to top up air