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  1. Guys have you bought some major car parts on the internet? Like Intakes for example. I would love to purchase one (Plus a few other items like headlights, etc) but I keep hearing about these Paypal scams - Heck some don't even get their expected receipts in their email . . . Or should I use another payment company? I've heard of the following (Feel free to check them out): BYG Invoicing App. Stripe Invoice Simple Celayix - They offer scheduling which I'm not sure I need at the moment. I heard people who work there are quite frustrated and quite often because of their workforce management policies or something. Either way, can you guys share your experiences or thoughts on an alternative for Paypal perhaps? Thx!
  2. How to get off data from Android?

    Yeah Smart Switch is one of the best ones. Just make sure your phone is fully charged when doing it. Sometimes lack of battery juice can screw things up.