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  1. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Had to sell it Got hail damage, not enough time and money to finish it. Guy got it tuned though of anyone is interested. 682hp/510rwkw @28psi on e85 ...
  2. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Finally sent off for wiring... should be back in a month or so for final touches and start the motor
  3. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Getting there...
  4. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Cars almost done hahaha, too much time and money lol Fuel system all sorted, brakes 100%, all power steering clutch lines etc... hooked up. Just need to get a tailshaft made up then sending it off to get the wiring done, then tune
  5. S15/R33/R34 parts.... take it or I take it to the tip next week. Pick up only (for the cheap stuff) from St Ives - Sydney Random shit in my garage, I'll let it go dirt cheap. Rather someone get use out of it opposed to throwing it out. S15 radiator $5 Neo engine cover $5 R34 neo afm and pipe $10 S15 brake master cyl. $10 S15 Clutch Master Cylinder $10 Sr20 rocker arms $1ea Stock s15 hot pipe $5 S15 manual tail shaft $5 S15 high pressure steering line $10 Sr20 engine brackets $5 1x nismo r32 engine mount $5 R34 stock bov/crossover pipe $5 S15 power steering reservoir $5 S15 wheel sensors $2ea Sr20 knock sensor $2 Sr20 oil pressure sensor $2 Whiteline S13/R31 Front lower control arm bushes brand new $20 Random brake lines $2ea S15 intake manifold. $10 Jap s15 tailights w/loom drivers side is cracked $10 S15 throttle body $5 Sr20 oil filter plate $2 Sr20 thernostat housing $5 Tein C-spanners $15 S15 boost solenoid $2 S15 rear calipers $5 suit rebuild S15 pair rear castor arms $5 R34 Gtt automatic engine loom not cut $200 S15 engine loom few plugs missing $50 Pair S15 front seats with rails good condition $200 S15 Coolant resovoir $5 R34 neo stock injectors x6 $20 Brand new blitz intercooler piping kit $50 all clamps joins and hoses for s14/15 Random r33 fuel rail $5 Hks turbo timer $10 Pair random wheel spacers $2 S14/15/R33 rear upper camber arms used with brand new pillowballs $300 More expensive stuff I'm slightly negotiable and obviously not throwing it out. Can supply better pics of things and if ur after something just ask I might have it Cheers
  6. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    I used r32 everything but can be hard to find. I was just saying that those poly mounts are designed for sr20 brackets but work well on r33/34 subframes. Have a look at the picture of my mates setup you'll see what I mean
  7. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    how a mate of mine runs his. R33 x member and brackets with a straight poly mount
  8. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    You can use this style of engine mounts designed for SR crossmembers on 33/34 subframes. Lowers the motor drastically.
  9. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    Pretty much finished same conversion in my S15. Let me know if u need any help http://hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=491953&st=240
  10. Exhaust manifold heat shields also rattle on s15s. How old are your coilpacks?
  11. I'd go o off whatever crossmember your using, so would be s13.
  12. Found my set of stubby spanners. Bolted rear housing on first, then the cartridge and then compressor cover. All gravy
  13. Dude I think ur right. Spent all arvo trying different things. I thought a top mount was meant to make things easier lol. Really don't wanna pull the manifold off as that's another pain in the ass but looks like the only way.
  14. It's a top mount Mani so imagine it's the one closest to passenger headlight