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  1. Hey mate - do you have an S14 standard cat for sale ? Stock or punched - doesn't matter
  2. Vid is private - can not watch it either.
  3. Stripping 180sx

    TAARK, Do you still have the C West tail light covers? Any chance you could separate them from the tail lights? I already have type x lights. Cheers
  4. A lot of it happened during the M2 roadworks, could not be prevented. I'll ask for 6 coats of colour and 10 coats of clear!
  5. You didnt say what car or whether it was turbo or not, but ... manifold to turbo gasket. Its the most common thing that goes. It sounds like a flapping ticky sort of sound.
  6. I had my 180sx front bar resprayed about 3 years ago because of bad stone chips and now it's f**ked again. Thousands of tiny white holes (Car is black) Is there anyway around this ? Would one of those flexible urethane / FRP ? fiberglass reinforced plastic bars be more tollerant to stone chips ? What do other people do ? Thicker paint? Some sort of spray on protectant ?
  7. custom exhaust systems in nsw

    Anyone know roughly how much would I expect to pay for the following: 1. Cut off existing cannon 2. Weld on flange to suit Varex muffler 3. Cut / re-weld exhaust and make it sit higher ? I have a mild steel turbo back exhaust.
  8. Xforce Varex adjustable cannon

    Where are you located?
  9. 180SX body kits

    Haha Biggie. What are you driving now? I need to finish my datto so I can put the plates back on it. f**king confuses everyone lol
  10. 180SX body kits

    Make it look like the GTR a bit
  11. Hi All, I'm in the market for a 3" exhaust to suit 180sx with a varex twin tip muffler on the rear. I also want the exhaust to be as close to the body as possible - my current exhaust hangs down a bit and on occasion when I fit 15" rims - the car scrapes everywhere. Please send me a PM if you have an exhaust for sale or if you know of a reputable shop to make one up for me. I'm in NSW
  12. best adhesive for eyeids

    Agree - 3M make the best shit. They have a product called "3M VHB tape" (Very High Bond) - It is magic.
  13. Link didnt work for me? Had to manually navigate to it:
  14. NSW Spotted Thread

    lol ^ Spotted a blue S15 and a black R32 GTST at mooseman kebabs Wednesday night with WSID numbers on their windscreens. How did you go on the track??
  15. Probably been posted somewhere here before - I did a quick search and couldnt find it - so here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68_XIMMIwwk edit: Just found out this one is quicker lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfp_9_znYcc