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  1. Which Tig?

    you will be very happy with it mate, ive got one and would buy another one anyday, great welder..
  2. Which Tig?

    From token tools years ago i bought this http://www.tokentools.com.au/prod2.htm DC TIG so stainless and mild steel ect.. It has pulse functions and it is Fantastic welder, i was going to sell it a while back for $450 but no one wanted it.. id buy another one in a heart beat.. Ive also never tried there helmets Helmets: We have two of these at work http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BBT-Black-AUTO-Welding-Welder-HELMET-MIG-TIG-Automatic-/380405271167?pt=AU_Welding&hash=item5891ebca7f Its ok, it does what it says, how long it last i have no idea For myself i dont weld as much as id like anymore (about to start up a heap more so i bought one of these recently..) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WeldSmart-LCD-Auto-Darkening-Welding-Helmet-Tig-Mig-Arc-/130581999964?pt=AU_Welding&hash=item1e674b315c 2 Year Warranty and it has grind mode for the money its good and my last helmet from them i had i had for 4 years If you got more money to spend by all means getting something even better if you want.. just from my experience.
  3. Which Tig?

    It comes down to how much work you do, $350-500 on a helmet that you only use once a month for a few hours, id stick with a cheaper helmet (I can recommend something) but if you use it all the time go ahead im sure the more expensive helmets are well worth it
  4. Which Tig?

    pulse tig rocks, definatly get it if you can
  5. 90deg bend / 12segments ~ 15deg 90deg bend / 6 segments ~ 7.5deg If anyone in Adelaide needs mitre cuts i can get it pretty cheap. PM for details ur numbers are ass about 90deg bend / 12segments ~ 7.5deg 90deg bend / 6 segments ~ 15deg

    pretty average, looks like material wasnt cleaned first and the welds look to cold.. but as you all said he might have done f**k all welding over the years
  7. can you tell me more about this? ive polished a bit of stainless but i havnt heard of this
  8. helpful resources

    Mig Tig Arc http://www.weldingtipsandtricks.com/ http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/ Just off top of my head
  9. Ive done both, used a polishing wheel on my drill and also on my bench grinder.. both have there upsides, but becuase my drilll had more RPM's then my bench grinder it was better but neeed a better bench grinder.. all good fun and f**k yes very dirty thing, but love the results.
  10. I agree ive got one too.. would be more functional as a boat anchor then a bender
  11. looks good mate, some might say you need a few more bends in there to make it more progressive.. good job props man, you got the balls to go learn and do it and post it up..
  12. looks great mate, good work, which tokentools unit do you have?
  13. newbie

    Welcome mate, nice looking car
  14. I agree a great deal i have one of there DC tigs excellent quality and great features prices have done down allot since i bought it but id still pay the same money, fantastic units