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  1. S14 stuck on 160kw

    Whos doing the tuning / shop
  2. Check air flow meter tps
  3. Vct bro had the same problem car still went but felt restricted as Ya mum especially down low 😁 after swapped out vct 🙋 boooom
  4. 180sx BIG Problems..

    Any luck mate have you checked engine bay fuse u probably have I had the same problem thought it was the fpr and it was the big 75 amp fuse in the engine bay if it ain't that try the fuel lines fudge that up a few times good luck
  5. I'll try that tomorrow blingy see how it goes
  6. Hi guys anyone here a wheel aligner i had my r34 done today and it's now pulling to left and the guy sez that's coz I don't have enough camber adjustment and I'll have to get adjustable upper camber arms (have coilovers btw) I thought that the castor would determine more side pull if uneven or maybe really uneven camber I don't know his castor results seemed a little off to me same as camber which were closer before he adjusted them, I got new tyres on the front if that helps it did veer of to the left slightly but not as bad as now can someone please have a look at the results and confirm if it's been done ok thank you in advanced
  7. Tailem Bend sold.

    Is a bit far for my liking I personally think gillman would be a better choice but WPNX7s right any track is better than no track plus 1 for pt Adelaide
  8. Maf bro if it idles fine unplugged and dies when revved its a maf problem borrow ur mates have a crack and see how that goes by what u said I reckon that's ur prob
  9. Yeh mate the loom has been changed as well did everything properly no cut n shut changed the whole body loom including the dcc loom I dont understand why it blew up the air temp sensor like it actually pop like a globe bits of the glass hit my face ever heard of this
  10. Cheers pro I'll have a suss
  11. Thanks wizard the plug has been plugged in and the little sensor blew up in my face I tried 2 popped both Any other idea what it could be are the little glass sensor prone to blowing anyone experiance this before
  12. Hi all need a little help with my digital climate control it keeps blowing hot air so I did a check and it comes up with code 22 dash sun sensor and 25 radio shroud cabin air sensor now the dash ones not connected so don't worry about that but the shroud one keeps blowing the sensor I've changed 2 and they blew 1 actually popped in my face anyone had this problem any ideas why it's doing this and how can I fix this any help appreciated thanks
  13. T piece on the front brake line I used z32 non abs ones which says front and rear on the bmc So u know which is which and I'm running r33 front and rear calipers r32 Gtr rotors, I used a T piece from the rear of a 180sx
  14. SR20 blocks... All alloy?

    1 of my balls are alloy
  15. Sr20det boosting funny

    I had the same problem found it was the mounting bolt holes on the cooler leaking then coil packs died shortly after lol