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  1. Just got the mx5 back so ill head down for a bit...
  2. General chit chat thread!

    So adelaide has had a few sunny days! anyone been out riding? hows the roads?
  3. Insurance

    No but I had to go to the tyre place to get all the rocks taken out of the tyre (wedged between tyre and rim) and they said it wasnt legal...
  4. Insurance

    Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong section... I somehow lost control of my car crashed it.. wasnt doing anything stupid believe it or not and it is an insurance claim job. My little mazda has a load rating of 82v and the tyres on my car are 83h rear and 83v front 205/40/16 all round on 16x8 rim... Also has coilovers... It goes into the assossor on wednesday but all type crash have already sent off a quote and pictures of my car to just car insurance so I cant simply put the stock rims back on... Will insurance still cover me? Apologies if this is a stupid question and in the wrong sectoin..
  5. You and Your Bike

    Loving the zx6r's! I had an 04 green one too! High mount exhaust but mine was a LeoVince... really miss it.. Stupid taxi driver cut me off and wrote the bike off! Have a mad soft spot for them...
  6. General chit chat thread!

    Theres a 'you and your ride' thread.. close... lol
  7. My k7 gsxr1000

    Looks awesome mate! Looks like there's quite a few SA riders here.. Anyone keen to meet up and go for a bit of a ride? Would be good to put some faces to the names...
  8. General chit chat thread!

    http://www.mvagustausa.com/web-mvagusta/10_F3.html Looks awesome! Its on the list of things to buy..
  9. Adelaide Toy Run 2012

    im undecided... Got to see if everyone else is going..
  10. General chit chat thread!

    Soo keen for twisties!!! its been ages for me!
  11. You and Your Bike

    07 Cbr600rr Yoshi Comander Rad Guard Signals Polished outter Rims Sticker Kit Lots of DUST!
  12. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Hope that worked...
  13. Mini Bike Dirt Riders

    Saw a few guys on the side of the salisbury highway extension on pit bikes.. Legal?
  14. NEW TOY!

    Yo Danny! You heading up to gorge saturday? Im the guy with the black cbr600rr when grasshoper came off..
  15. like a G___6-R

    Sweet ride mate! So close to getting one of these but they gave me a shit trade-in for my old bike... So eded up with an 07 cbr600rr Gotta love that white pearl in the sun!