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  1. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Nice. Got any pics from underneath? What did you make the false floor with?
  2. SR20VET powered s15 - SR22VET time

    Are you bringing this beast to ndn17.com?
  3. Is anyone going to this? ndn17.com
  4. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Nice work on the pb. 39's will come. Sucks about hg though.
  5. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Sweet. You'll be pushing towards the 30s now for sure I didn't run a pb all year but still somehow came 2nd. Plan was to not register the car again. So I put it up for sale to see if anyone wanted to keep it regoed. If sold I was just going to build another one without rta rules getting in the way. No interest so welded a cage in and logbooked it. I can't make it to the Nationals or r1 but should be at r2. Good luck at Winton.
  6. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Nice. Did you end up going e85? What happened last year. Only 1 round?
  7. E85 my current setup?

    Just put it back together and drive it. E85 won't make it any faster because it doesn't move. Drive it. Then drive it again. Then keep doing that until those shit tyres are dead. Then buy some slicks then drive it some more then maybe look at making it faster. Ps e85 is the best
  8. E85 stabilizers...

    Hi. Have you had any bad experience with leaving fuel in your tank/ fuel line or just read it causes issues. I have been running e85 for 6 years now with no such issues. The longest I have had a batch of fuel sit in the tank/system is about 6 months. I ran my car last weekend for the first time since mid Nov and topped it up with jerry cans filled in August. No issues. I've never used a stabalizer. Can't comment on them.
  9. After 5 years of current setup i made it to a dyno day. Self tuned on road. Car - Datsun Engine: Forged ACL pistons Spool rods GT2871r 52t .64 25psi e85 ID1000 inj Yukon LS2 coils
  10. So busy! Was that hit from the ute next to you getting sideways or from behind? How often do you rub panels requiring fixing like that or with the evo at Wakefield etc?
  11. +1 Best thread ever. And Scoobys. Definitely keep the epic vids coming.
  12. The rear cradle front is pretty similar to 510. It's slightly narrower. You'll have to fab rear mounting points. If you plan to register it you'll probably want to reduce the width of the xmember and obviously custom shafts to suit to reduce the track. Have you already got the shell? Brett Helps did this. He is in SA. Look him up on Facebook or any Of the million datsun pages. Good luck.
  13. I'm after a 180sx or equivalent s13 front wiper motor with plug and some loom and the brown relay box with plug and some loom. I'm in Sydney but happy to pay postage.