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  1. S15 boost gauge

    I stuck a FC in mine, boost gauge worked fine.
  2. your favourite tyre choice

    Toyo Proxes 4. Decent street tyre for the price i reckon...
  3. WRX Driver kills person travelling in the other direction

    So what do the responsible car owners do about all this?... the public fueled by the media will/have begun to see import drivers as reckless and a danger to anyone. If you love driving your car on a day to day basis, DON'T DRAG RACE. take it easy on metro roads! The WRX driver is gonna have to live with what he's done for the rest of his life, put yourself in his shoes right now, and don't use the excuse of, in hindsight, like he'll surely be doing. it's just not worth it...condolences to all involved.
  4. usb help

    datarevival in SA. i dunno how they are, but they could prob help you.
  5. External HDD repairs

    i just put a hdd drive in at datarevival in SA. $50 for a assessment. form what i've been told, they are your best best, esp if its hardware related. otherwise sending it of interstate tends to cost a lot...
  6. insurance co.s

    shannons and just cars or a private broker are the only ppl who will insure +2 modded cars... just cars have ridiculous excess... like $2950 i think i was quoted! shannons seem better to me... tho my premiums just went up and i'm rating 1, turning 25 this year....Seems to many Silvia/180 drivers have been claiming to much... grrrrr. i still intend sticking wit shannons tho.
  7. Jeff from the Speed Lab / Michael from Turbo Tune

    i also recently had my car tuned by jeff at tt... i can only speak highly of them.
  8. engine idle humming.....

    mine does this to... cleaning the ACC helped for a bit, but now i just put a brand new ACC sensor in, initially it hasn't helped but my mechanics reckon the FC just needs a tune on the dyno... hopefully that fixes it once and for all...
  9. Aus spec VS jap spec s15

    i know its purely aesthetic, but i love my JDM steering wheel.
  10. Selling A Porsche Cayenne Turbo in SA

    Hi all, I am trying to sell a Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2005 in Adelaide SA. I have put it up on Drive.com and Carsales.com but with no replies, or interest. Does anyone have any suggestions about how i can more effectively advertise this? This is my add, please any suggestions would be much appreciated. Alan.
  11. Fuel Light On

    Sorry to highjack, i find occasionally when i have 1/2 tank left or less, when i accelerate hard through generally second, my fuel light kinda flickers on and off, not all the time but i noticeaced it the other day...Anyone else find this, do i have anything to worry about? thanks.. btw: s15 with walbro pump in tank, fuel reg, fc, 555cinj, 14psi... pus accompanying mods...
  12. Spider in the car!

    harmless until one runs across your dash, and you drive into a stobie pole. This happened to me the other week, i was 30 mins late to work... Jeez i hate spiders, especially huntsman.
  13. s15 auto

    I dunno about S15's but R33 auto's can't be given away on the second hand market... Plus auto version has smaller injectors and various other short comings. Tell him to harden the f&*k up, or save his money and buy a daily.
  14. M5 - airstrip crash.

  15. s15 logo

    i think i bothered to retrace it in illustrator once. pm if u still need...