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  1. lets stop new modification laws

    Had to comment on this, that is a stupid way to look at the world. Why stop at smokers then? Anyone who drinks also shouldnt be covered for healthcare. Or as much as i love cars, anyone who crashes doing anything not following the road rules shouldnt get health cover and anyone who takes there car to the track takes there lives 100% in there own hands, if you dont want to pay for me smoking, why should i pay if you crash your car on a track? You chose to be there same as i choose to smoke. I have to say though i do kind of agree with you, if someone does something silly they should suffer the consequences not the rest of society but its a very slippery slope.
  2. New Lamborghini - the Sesto Elemento

    That pretty much sums it up. Grotesque. Lamborghini is becoming a caricature of itself. Becoming? Lamborghini has always been crazy, its only the last few cars since Audi bought the company that have been "normal" while im not personally a huge fan of this car i think its great they are going back to there old ways and making crazy out there cars.
  3. Police Powers

    I realise this is an old thread but on the topic of speeding is it true in NSW cops cant get you with there radar unless they are stationary? I know they arent the smartest ppl around but i remember today tonight or one of those shows made a big deal about it. And wouldnt that mean if you took them too court winning would be fairly easy? I know they have all sorts of dodgy powers but i dont legally see how you could be fined for them "estimating" that you where speeding?
  4. ca and sr box

    I know this is ancient but its relevant to what i wanted to know. Ive got a crapped out CA gearbox and rather then putting another nearly 20 year old box in it i want to use an SR one. Can i literally just swap over bellhousing and it will fit straight in? What about the tail shaft and how are the lines for the slave cylinder will the CA lines fit straight upto SR slave?
  5. Tein basic or HSD HS series?

    No one has or is using them?
  6. Hi looking for some info on the Tein basic's and the HSD HS series coilovers? I was mainly looking at the HSD ones but then realised the teins are only like $100 extra. Does anyone use either of these and do you guys really think they are worth the money considering how basic they are? Ive got a quote for a decent set of KYB non adjustable shocks and tein springs (anyone know how much lower they are?) for 2/3 the price of the coilovers. Since height adjustment is really the only better thing with the bottom of the range coilovers are they really worth it? If anybody knows of any good places too get some cheaper (around 1100 ive been quoted) they can point me too that would be great.
  7. S13 suspension.

    Might skip the 6 speed anyway as they are still fairly pricey. Just thought the gearing would be good for the CA. So anyone got any other suspension idea's? Tie rod ends, camber, caster, bushes whatever. Like i said its just getting old and rattly in the suspension being 18 years old and am just thinking while the coilovers come out i may as well change anything else thats usefull at the same time. Like i said i dont know much about suspension i just would of thought in 18 years there must be something that is ment to be changed just for general maintenance. Or am i best of just seeing how it goes with new coilovers and then change anything that still needs doing? My main problem is not living in a main city so i have to order parts which then can take a few days. Im sure my mechanic can check it out and tell me what needs doing but ide rather walk in with an armfull of stuff if need be and get it all done in 1 day.
  8. S13 suspension.

    Do you know if i would need to change master cylinder or lines or or anything like that? Or will they work (and the lines bolt up) with an SR slave cylinder? And does that mean if i could find one i can use a 6 speed S15 box? I know they arent the toughest box but ille end being happy with 180-200kw at wheels which it should handle fine shouldnt it?
  9. S13 suspension.

    It didnt need to be real cheap just not a $1000 job on its own. Also interested in castor rods ect if they are worth putting in i just dont know much about suspension so whatever you guys think is usefull. Basically anything that fits in with general maintenance type stuff too. Its a 90 model so im sure quite a few things could be improved on considering half of it could still be original 18 year old stuff.
  10. Hi i have 2 totally irrelevant questions. 1. I need new coilovers for my S13 and thought i may as well change some other easy bits and pieces at the same time. What bushes ect can easily (and fairly cheaply) be replaced while the coilovers are going in? 2. My gearbox on my CA has some bearing whine when clutch is out but goes away when clutch is pushed in. What is it and is it easy and worth replacing? If not since most CA gearboxes are getting ancient do SR or any other gearboxes bolt up without too much work?
  11. Thanks for that helpful piece if information. As i sad post up what you have instead then. I cant imagine most of the cars on here being engineered so what does everyone else have? And yes i agree its stupid but i bought the car like that and have passed rego with it twice now and have never had anyone ask about it or to see engineers cert for intercooler.
  12. Thanks heaps guys. Yeah i guess i will just hack it up as much as i havta to make it fit. I just would of thought there would be some more permanent ideas. Might be something some of the companies on here might wanna look at producing. With so many ppl getting defected you would think there would be a market for it.
  13. Yeah that looks exactly the same as how mine is setup. Diff filter but pipework and where everything sits is very similar. So is def illegal. No way of fitting the standard airbox back in either so you should probably keep an eye on this thread too.
  14. So what does everyone else have? There is no way im going to get a standard air box in there with the way my intercooler pipes are set up. Think there is much chance i would get away with jamming a micra one (or something thats small and says nissan on it) just to get the defect cleared? Im thinking of making up some sort of custom one. Ive already got paperwork saying the intercooler is engineered and that and exhaust are the only other engine mods so i would think i should pass ok as long as i make the box good what do ya reckon?
  15. police war on imports?

    So if someone has a car with completely bald tyres, you think that it wouldn't be in a higher chance of having an accident in the wet then a car with rw tyres? Oh, then again, having a pod or a/m ecu isn't as bad as bald tyres, those guys are the really bad guys. Hang on, maybe we can separate defects into serious defects, not so serious defects and defects that don't really affect anyone, and then having different fines and penalties for each of them?? Sounds crazy hey??? Maybe because it is. A defect is a defect, it's the law, everyone knows about it, if you don't like it engineer it or shut the f*ck up. When did i mention tyres? Thats the sort of thing they should be looking for. Go for a walk right now and have a look at some of the old bombs around your neighbourhood. Plenty have tyres that should get defected but they dont get checked. And yes it is more dangerous. Plz explain to me how a A/M ECU or pod filter is going to be dangerous to anyone? Why is different fines/punishments for diff defects crazy? Just about every other law we have has diff levels of punishment so why not that?? And we kinda already do have that now. Or even smarter would be to simplify the whole defect law and change alot of them. Or get these stupid pink slip guys to do there job better so the cops dont need to waste there time pulling ppl over for defects. My car has been rego'd twice with exposed pod filter, bov, and intercooler pipes running through battery tray ect. Why wasnt i denied rego? Ille say again im not against rules and the police enforcing them i just think they spend a much bigger % of resources doing that then chasing ppl who are out there actually hurting ppl not the ppl who may maybe on the one in a million chance one of there "defective" parts goes crazy hurt someone. Like i said before its disgusting i know of 3 cars broken into and the cops couldnt even be bothered coming for a look. The 3 cars probably only totally $300 worth of stuff taken but i wonder how many other ppl have been broken into in my area (probs by the same guys) and the cops have been to busy catching speeders and hoons to do anything about it.