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  1. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    cheers man!!! look forward to the rest!
  2. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    hey mate,purple jzx100 in group A, car number 102 A? cheers
  3. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    try and follow that black 32 with the orange wheels in c class, he was killing it all day
  4. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    haha cheers at kriss i meant haha
  5. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    haha Lol that guy was a dick! We had the same thing Sunday night with a different guy. yeah was pretty tough of him to mouth off, then when i get out of the car he runs inside and locks the door, he did the same to my brother after we left aswell
  6. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    had an awesome day,was run well,track was just hot haha, went thru 10 new tyres before 3pm,was only getting half a session roughly a pair, if anyone has pics of the purple jzx100 mk2, No. 102A chuck em up
  7. VicDrift Aug prac day - Aftermath thread

    any pics of the purple chaser, car# 102 A, cheers
  8. Reclaiming deposit from car purchase

    exactly, I also just bought a jzx100 off a mate, gave him $2000 deposit and said i'll pay the rest in a month, if i couldnt get all the money together, i would lose my 2k, which is my fault for agreeing with a purchase i couldnt afford
  9. Reclaiming deposit from car purchase

    just read through the whole thing... I was going on a whim with other peoples posts... also for a guy who drives an S2000 it seems a bit odd that you would waste your time trying to obtain $200 just take it as a hard lesson learned and remember that next time you put a deposit on a car make sure everything is ok, everything is settled and all issues are resolved and you have a genuine intention to buy the car... from what I also read the car is a wreak... you can't expect much when buying a wreak... exactly! only just saw your post, and yeah this is what it was for sale like, i also bought it this way, for 6k, so i'm at a loss aswell
  10. Reclaiming deposit from car purchase

    and also if this was such a legally binding contract, i shouldve recieved my full payment in the week after he payed the deposit as agreed yeah? ffs, so many people voicing there opinions on something they dont know shit about, fact is I was there, 'wanted' was there and the guy who put this thread up was there, not any of you's, i'm not hiding from anyone, haven't changed number or anything so what's this got to do with anyone other than us?
  11. Reclaiming deposit from car purchase

    exactly, if he had payed a larger amount i would refund it, but paying only $200 deposit on a car advertised for 5k, and relying on finance to pay the rest is a half assed way to go about it
  12. Reclaiming deposit from car purchase

    can you not read? i didnt sell it from under him, i sold it 4 weeks after he backed out, so a total of atleast 7 weeks after he put his small deposit down, like i said before i invite any legal action towards me, i know i'm in the clear, the fact is, he backed out, 2 weeks after final payment was made, there for losing his $200
  13. Reclaiming deposit from car purchase

    he's referring to weeks after he'd backed out of buying it, wtf am i meant to do? hang onto it after he backs out incase he changes his mind?
  14. Reclaiming deposit from car purchase

    the car sold 4 weeks after he had backed out also antonio, it was readvertised on here 2 days after he backed out
  15. Reclaiming deposit from car purchase

    yes 3 weeks can be costly, when the only reason i was selling so cheap was cos i needed the money asap for other things, and yes you clearly dont know the full story, and if the situation was reversed and i could come up with/finalise the payment, i would happily lose my deposit, because thats what deposits are for?