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  1. ok here is it basically. Big Turbo/Low Boost = Bigger Wastegate Big Turbo/High Boost = Smaller Wastegate Small Turbo/High Boost = Smaller Wastegate Small Turbo/Low Boost = Bigger Wastegate for the read on the article http://www.turbosmart.com.au/technical-articles/wastegate-myths/
  2. I only plan on running 18psi for now. only chasing 330hp on pump
  3. ok so im joining in on this td06 band wagon coz i hate garret turbos. what size gate should i run. will get getting a td06 20g 8cm. its on std sr with tomei poncams. im only going the oil cooled version no anti surge. also is it worth getting the billet wheels?
  4. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    re laced the tombstone
  5. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    so been slowly fixing the gazelle. mainly just cleaning it and getting rid of the rust. Brought an old bride recliner and im gonna make it fit. Clear parkers and corners under the matte black.... there was some rust around the arieal so I just cut it out and im just going to smooth it over. pulled apart the tombstone so it can re-lace it
  6. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    argh ok sweet. I just got a old school bride recliner on 13/32 rails
  7. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    yea i have been shown how s13 skirts fit. altho im pretty sure i want rsx ones. also do you have a different seat in yours?
  8. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    ok sweet. yea old owner hit a tree stump....... gonna get skirts to hide it.
  9. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    yea im the site ill make a build thread once i do a bit to it. so far the plans are clean it up slowly, ca18de and a 13 front end.
  10. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    thanks man. na this is my first one. any tips would be great
  11. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    and the new s12
  12. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    these rocked up today
  13. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    so my issue has shown itself....... I found oil in cycliner 2. did a compression test again and got 170, 170, 165. 170 so prob not the rings but a valve stem seal. so the head will have to come off. ill put a metal head gasket on it this time.
  14. My passion!

    the only reason I am doing the twin rear is for a hydro. so its separate from the pedal brakes