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  1. small front wheel clearance issue

    Hey mate is this a good idea? my top seam has been slashing my tyres but im a little worried to bash it because it's a pretty crucial join and I don't want to weaken the metal..?
  2. S13 Silvia/180SX dash mat

    Coverlay Mfg. part #10-890
  3. so the nistune is 700$ + the cost to actually tune it?
  4. squealing noise on Idle?

    SWEET nice thread! I have this same squeel but it only occurs for about 10 seconds when I first start the car. I am assuming it's the belts but nice to have another option of repair sitting there as well. Oh and BTW sr20 vs 2zz.. I would say SR is more reliable.. I've had mine 4 years and no issues at all!
  5. ok so who has actually starved their motor of oil due to a lack of baffles?
  6. YEaaap when I first swapped my tail lights I didnt re-apply sikaflex so they leaked bad for about a month. I guess the sun melted the glue again and resealed itself.
  7. Diff clunk/rattle

    89 silvia lets not forget subframe or swaybar bushes. Shimmed diffs can be as tight or as loose as anything.
  8. S13 sr20de fuel pump

    I'm not an expert but seeing as nobody else has any answer I will get the ball rolling by saying I wouldnt have a problem running a bosch 040 with an uprated fuel pressure regulator in a DE.
  9. S15 wont start

    Hey mate, i am having the exact same issue as you. I have checked all fuses to no avail and all the electrics are dead. I tried hillstarting to no effect and checked all connections...I am now at a complete loss... I would have thought the alternator would enable the car to be hillstarted despite having a completely dead battery??? anyone have any ideas?
  10. Hey guys, I had a similar problem although mine was not quiet as bad. (Yes I notice the door being slightly harder to shut then it should be and i feel bad about 'man slamming' it constantly so unlike most useless s13 owners I like to try and fix problems when they occur). In conjunction with common advice of replacing the pins or hinges, you can also loosen the two screws which hold the U bracket or 'striker' slightly lower (to compensate for sagging) and/or further out (so door does not have to get as close to body for it to be locked shut).
  11. Vacuum lines HELP NEEDED

  12. Yo_Mang's S13 Silvia

    keep the car!

    Hey mate I'll grab a pair of 15mm 4x114.3 thanks
  14. Headunit Wiring Diagrams

    180sx headunit diagram?
  15. Silvia vs Vti-r Integra

    you dont have to skid to enjoy RWD, they the nose locks in around corners amoungst other traits such as 1st gear hand brake U turns and it never does the uber gay plough