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  1. S15 Mods

    haha thanks man, cant believe you got defected for tail lights, man they are dogs! whats the HDI EBC Evo $220? I have a mate whose installing the fmic for me, found a pro cooler at justjap for 399 with the kit so that should do the job there. Found a turbo back xforce with the twin 3" muffler (i prefer this look over the cannon, more subtle) for 700 bux. I can get it installed around the 100-150 mark, they are just all bolt ons yeah? is 700 a good price for the exhause, xforce told me its about 950 for the exhaust alone well the rrp anyway thanks for the help dude, its good when people know what theyre talkin about.. just wish i had more cash hahaha ill do the exhaust and fmic now (already got the pod) then move onto the computer and tune when more cash comes through haha
  2. S15 Mods

    yeah im happy with about 180 - 200 atw.. iv found a x-force turbo back for 699? is that decent? just bought a house so iv got to do it in stages lol wish i could do it all at once.. i like the sounds of Full 3" Exhaust, FMIC, Nistune or Power FC, Fuel pump, Turbotech Boost controller.. to get me the 190 kw for a bit more fun haha..
  3. S15 Mods

    thanks guys.. nuutz, thanks for that, have you got a turbo back exhaust now or still a cat back? yeah def thinking of the exhaust first, then prob coilovers for a bit better handling chris2712au, cheers man, yeah sounds like a plan, prob do it in stages as the cash flow comes.. i got a pod when i bought the car, its a pod inside a cylinder, and has a pipe to run as an intake when you remove the side mount, so when i get a front mount it will all hopefully run more efficently.. il give liverpool exhausts a call in the morning, im also lookin at an xforce setup which im waiting on a quote for..
  4. S15 Mods

    Hey guys, Bought an S15 about a month ago and decided to start modding :-) Starting off with a turbo back exhaust, can anyone recommed in Sydney where to go and a rough indication of pricing? What should I look at doing next? I plan on getting a set of coilovers but keen for a little more power first, aus specs are restricted wayy too much.. Thanks Jays
  5. mods to s15

    thanks niclol - anywhere in sydney good to go?
  6. mods to s15

    hahaha well iv had a gti golf and audi s3, both worked pretty hard, never got touched by cops.. i have a feeling they are gona love me and the 200 hahaha.. lucky i dont have my p's anymore otherwise it would prob never end..
  7. mods to s15

    sweet, was chatting with my mechanic yesterday who does exhausts, hes looking for a bolt on kit, hes mentioned a device in the muffler that is like a switch, can turn the exhaust down by blocking it or something, does this sound right? if so is it ok to put on the car without damaging the engine?
  8. mods to s15

    +1 perfect setup whats the best size exhaust? 2.5 or 3"?
  9. mods to s15

    hahaha thanks tefu, few things there for me.. Yeah most 200s that i know dont have the BOV and run the air induction for the flutter noise.. Honestly sounds better then the BOV :-) Ive been told a K&N Air filter acheives the same results to get the flutter, is this correct?
  10. mods to s15

    im in NSW - ill prob start off with the cold air intake, then exhaust.. Prob set me back about 800 - a grand.. thanks for all the input really appreciate it
  11. mods to s15

    agreed. go with that also we need to know what your intentions are for the car and how much you are willing to spend i just bought a house, so going for the smaller mods atm. i have a set of 18's with a dish on there atm, they look pretty sweet so ill keep them for a bit.. within a year prob 5-10k on the engine and suspension.. i like the sleeper look but with a 200 you know they have power hahaha.. thanks for your input
  12. mods to s15

    hey guys, recently purchased an 01 spec r.. this is my first jap car, so just some advice on what mods i can start off doing? air intake, exhaust? then move onto bigger things like FMIC, turbo, computer? Is this the right way to go? Cheers Jays