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  1. What is this part?

    Its a bracket that sits between the tailshaft and the tunnel. It bolts to the chassis to stop the tailshaft from smashing through the tunnel if it dislodges itself. I assume it also helps strengthen the tunnel under stress.
  2. CA18DET Cams options

    The new gtx series turbo's seem to be an awesome option for the power output and response your after. Personally i run a vn14 turbo with stock cams (vct) that makes for a very quick streeter and runs 236kw on e85, yet hits full boost (20psi) @ 3400rpm. It noses over just after 6000rpm. If i were to do things again id choose the gtx2860 gen 2 turbo with 256 poncams, that would definitely make for an exciting road and track car.
  3. FS: S13/Silvia bits

    Any gtx2863 for sale
  4. Can vouch for Johnnys tuning abilities. Will be using him again once i get my arse into gear and install poncams.
  5. Can get nulon 10w40 full synthetic for really cheap when big sales are on. I stock up when supercheap has 6L for $40 ea.
  6. s15 6spd and brass button clutch?

    Is it a dedicated track car or does it get driven daily. If daily driver id recommend exedy hd organic or npc 10in organic depending on your power.
  7. s15/s14 sr20 parts

    S15 stock coolant overflow bottle free Gktech castor offset spacers $20 Gktech brass shifter bush $10 S15 stock gbox mount $40 S15 stock fuel pump $20 Plastic bonnet vents $10 10in eclipse sub $20 Jbl gto 1200w amplifier $200 1 farad capacitor $20 S15 Power fc with hand controller, made 190kw @ 1 bar (tuned for t28, fmic, tbe, s15 injectors) $700 S15 sr20det afm $50 S15 injectors $100 S15 Dmax style spoiler $120 SR20 aeroflow extra capacity sump $180 Genuine recaro sr3 passenger seat with bride rails to suit s chassis $450 S15 xforce cat back exhaust with hotdog mid muffler & twin tip rear muffler (also comes with bolt on standard diff back muffler for a more discreet exhaust tone) $400
  8. 180sx oil cooler kits

    I have the Gplus oil cooler kit inc thermostat fitted on my s15. Had no problems with it over the last 6 months and the oil temps sit around 80° in summer during daily driving. I have yet to take it to the track and test its full capabilities though.
  9. S13 wheels

    Years ago i used to own a sr20de s13 on my P's. Took it out to archerfield and qld raceway for regular drift nights. Id stick to 15 and 16 inch wheels for an NA, id usually run either a 185 or 195 width tyre in these sizes. I tried running 215/45/17 once and it was not favorable for this application.
  10. I have nismo 740's and am currently making 236rwkw on e85. Hoping to squeeze 250rwkw out of these injectors with the addition of a turbosmart fpr1200
  11. I went with an r35 afm setup on my s15, as it was about half the price of the genuine z32 afm at the time. I made 236rwkw on 20psi with the afm nearly maxed out @ 4.7v (currently pushing 22psi @ 4.9v). In hindsight i shouldve just went with the z32 as it has more headroom for boost and power before it maxes out voltage wise.
  12. And if you live in sydney, i highly recommend dose pipe (johnny) as a tuner. He has helped me alot with my build and has exceeded my expectations with the capability and numbers he made with the flex tune setup.
  13. Can confirm flex setup works with nistune. Im currently running it in my s15 and have no problem switching from p98 to e85 fuels.
  14. What prices can you get efr6758 and 7163 delivered for? Im contemplating whether to upgrade.
  15. I used mamba braided turbo lines when i fitted my vn14. It has been running 20psi with no leaks in the hoses or fittings for the last 6 months. So i think theyre fine for a cheaper alternative hose kit.