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  1. its alright, I stuck my hand into the bottom of a near full tank for ages trying to grab shit. I would probably recommend getting an arm length glove though as the arm was stinging a fair bit after.
  2. S15 fast boot release

    Wtf? its supposed to swing up? Mines doesn't, just pops ajar. Are all s15's supposed to have it?
  3. Fried profec b 2

    It's unlikely the while thing fried. Should have blown a fuse, a surge diverter Or voltage regulator, stuff that can be fixed cheaper than buying a whole new unit. If the whole thing has fried, then people definitely arnt getting their monies worth
  4. Understanding a Compression Test

    ah, that makes a lot more sense now. cheers
  5. Understanding a Compression Test

    Just wondering, obviously as the piston moves up, you get compression so you get a reading on the gauge, but as it moves down, wouldn't that pressure equalize again? So what I'm asking is as your cranking, would you expect the needle to go up and down? Or does it clamp to the highest value read?
  6. S15 6 speed gearbox

    Would the 5 speed make first gear longer? I find with 6 speed, first gear is a bit too touchy.
  7. Stock airbox question

    That would explain why it still flutters. I'm running 14 which is well above stock. As for popo, I got a speeding fine from highway patrol last year, and when I stopped, I had to move over to the left lane and it fluttered very obviously but he didn't mind or want to check my car. Need more cops like that.
  8. Stock airbox question

    Just a thought, are you sure the previous owner hasn't blocked up the return path to the intake?
  9. Stock airbox question

    Prolly 2mm actually
  10. Stock airbox question

    Not sure but would that mean that the tension spring on the bov is set slighty to hard? If that makes sence.. You are exactly right and I have tried to adjust it. It's a gfb respons and I've already loosened it till the adjuster is sticking about 4mm, can't really go any further. Also, even with the stock bov, it started dosing as soon as I installed a FMiC
  11. What do I look at next

    Does it stutter after changing gears? Does it have an aftermarket bov? Does it need/has been tuned? Is the 02 sensor working correctly?
  12. Stock airbox question

    I've got mine full plumback and it still flutters under low residual boost, and at higher boosts, it flutters for maybe half a second before it dumps it back to the intake.
  13. S15 cut out issue

    I'm not sure what the cause is but it is not happening in neutral as there is no load on the engine.

    Probably wouldn't want to crank for 30 seconds. Massive battery drain and the starter motor may overheat/fail.
  15. S15 wont start

    No, i had a dead battery, hill started down a large hill, and the while time, the car rolling was the only thing keeping the engine turning, the whole time, random sounds and odd dimmed lights coming on the dash as well as the battery light flickering. As soon as the hill started to flatten out, the engine slowed to a stall. I changed to a new battery and everything worked perfectly. If it's like my old battery, it gets to the point where it can't hold charge. What's the voltage reading?