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  1. 1jz mx83 build

    Well im back after ordering bits and pieces I have now received: One piece tail shaft New power fc Alloy radiator with thermos Intercooler with piping Clutch and fly wheel to suit a 1jz to w58 engine and gearbox mounts Also a custom made clutch pedal/master Will post photos up shortly off all parts
  2. 1jz mx83 build

    Bit of an update. Spent my weekend stripping the interior and fitting a 1jz engine loom in. Here are some photos to show what I have done. Sorced out recently some engine mounts for the 1j. Trying to decide what clutch to get. purchased some drop in Denso 530cc injectors for a very cheap price. trying to source a power fc that is reasonable price. need to order in a 1jz-w58 bellhousing, fork and bearing carrier. Ill also be ordering a fuel cell, surge tank and some pumps soon. ( do i need to keep the charcoal canister?)
  3. 1jz mx83 build

    For my power goals will it be cheaper and easier getting a stock ecu and using a piggy back system on it?
  4. 1jz mx83 build

    Thanks mate I'll make sure i do them things. Hopefully end of this week the head will be back on the block. Next on my todo list is to find some used 2jz injectors and figure out what turbo will be good to use goals are 250-280 kw any suggestions?
  5. 1jz mx83 build

    some bits have arrived. Main and connecting road shells, piston rings and also front and rear crank seals. honed the cylinders. cleaned the block and mating surfaces. Replaced all seals, rings and shells. re-assemlbed the bottom end back togeather. I completly stripped the head. removed steam seals and lapped in the valves. Here are some pictures of my build so far.
  6. 1jz mx83 build

    Hello guys/girls. Just bought a mx83 cressida and also a 1jz vvti engine. Goals are to build a super cheap drift beater. Currently stripped the motor down todo big end and conrod bearings. Also piston rings. Found 2x valve steam seals leaking but everything else was in very good condition. Now while I wait to recieve some parts what parts should I keep in the cressida engine bay and what should i ditch, note this is a track car only. Any advice and help will be appriciated.
  7. Thanks for that I will pass that on to my tuner
  8. Thanks for that I'll talk to my tuner ans see what he has to say
  9. I shouldn't bother with the 22psi spring?
  10. No I don't have those items. Also I don't know how to with the ebc so I'll leave that for some one who knows what they are doing
  11. So I have ordered a 22 psi actuator spring. Hopefully 20 psi or so will give me better results
  12. Hey guys just need some advice on my ss1.5 turbo. I made 230kw on 18psi on my vct S14a with all the usual mods. Poncams, 740 injectors, intercooler, fuel pump, 3 inch straight through exhaust etc. My tuner said he could now get any more power but I think it's because my actuator spring being a 18 psi spring. If I change it to a 22psi spring how much more power will I gain
  13. Hyper gear str28ss15 turbo

  14. Hyper gear str28ss15 turbo

    Selling my hyper gear turbo. It's done less then 500km. I managed to reach 230rwkw on my s14 at jaustech. Awesome street turbo but I'm after more power. Will not come with Kinugawa actuator I have on the turbo or braided lines/manifold Want $700 I bought it for over $1000 grab yourself a bargain