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Cooler piping is all done, i just have to get the pipes lipped or just do some tack welds just so the joiners dont pop off...






i put the front bar on and it hangs about 20mm lower than i like so i have bent the mounting tabs where the front bar bolts to, now il just elongate the bolt hole on the i/c and slide it up higher to get as much ground clearance as poss.


Finally got around to finishing off the digital dash... Racepak, fuel level, indicators and high beams wrapped in cf to clean it up abit... pretty happy with how it turned out, now just needs to be wired up...




I Was trying to find a decent location for the oil cooler to go but i know il end up smashin it if i put it either side of the i/c so best spot for it to go was in between rad an i/c. Cooling wise its not that efficient but at least it will be less likely to smash and keep me out on track, hopefully abit of ducting can counteract the position...






Im sending the r154 off this week to get strengthened to hopefully make it last but only time will tell...


Its now pretty much time to pull the motor out for the last time and bolt everything together, while its out im going to mount the electric ps and run new lines from incab to steering rack..

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Hey mate,


I've got r154 behind a built 1.5JZ-GTE.


Just wondering what you're doing to strengthen the box and who's doing the work?


Martin Crawler kit?

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Hey mate


Iv looked into the martin crawler and driftmotion kits available and went about seeing ppls reviews and apparently there has been afew failures, so im in talks with an aussie company to see what we can come up with... iv got simon @ competetion gearboxes in boronia who will be doing the strip down and install as he has done alot of supra boxes and has very good reviews from everyone iv spoken with... hopefully wont be too long till i have an update on this...

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My twin 12" spal thermo fans came in last week so i went down and got me a sheet of 1mm ally and went about making a shroud, got it cut out and this week im going to get it folded up and tigd together...




Iv pulled the motor out for the last time to bolt everything together so i decided to let it see sunlight for the first time since feb and gave the bay a good degrease and clean... pretty happy with how it came up




While it was out in the sun i deleted the abs and took out the lines, hopefully il get time this week and il go get some lines made up to complete it...






Iv also had this pos kock off uras body kit sitting in my backyard for about 4yrs now so i dug it up and slapped it on and gona run it jus for the luls untill it gets owned by some ripples lol...




The manifold and rear turbo housing have been sent to modern plating to get ceramic coated, now its finish the electric ps and brakes then i can drop the completed motor back in!

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On the weekend i had pirtek bayswater come around to give me a hand doing the ps lines for the astra ps pump im running, we ended up doing a mix of rubber and hardline to get the job done...




This is where the pump will be mounted, i just need to finish the mounting brackets which bolt up to the original seat holes and thats done...




We went bulk head fittings through the floor and then hardlines underneath, they are tucked up pretty nice but im still going to make a bash plate just in case...




I got an eco7 oil cooler which il be using for my ps cooler...




Heres where the lines come in the bay to the rack and cooler, iv still got to paint and mount them...




Thanx to michael from team tuffcore i got my shroud folded up so iv started cutting it out for the fans... its nearly finished just needs afew tweeks...




Like the kit Iv had this wing for awhile, so iv decided to chuck on this with the kit but the mounts dont suit the s14, so im either gona make or buy some bcl mounts




Since i havent driven in ages i went and bought this bad boi to play some lfs but for some reason the pedals dont want to work so iv got logitech support calling their support...wtf? So yeh stay away from the g920 ffs



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Been slowly ticking things off, i got the manifold and rear housing ceramic coated in jet black by harry @ Modern Plating... very happy with how they come up...




Also made the ps pump bracket out of 5mm...




Got around to installing the line locker, now iv just got to wire it up... should make for abit of fun




Ive heat wrapped as many lines as poss to keep the heat from melting everything...




Iv had alot of probs with keeping the misses manifold and dump bolted together over the years until i came across these little beauties, they are copper lock nuts and will not undo themselves! Ever since i put them on the misses car it hasnt come loose so they were a definate buy for this build...




Everything is now bolted together apart from the harmonic balancer which my compressor just wont do so going to borrow one to get it on then its just a belt and she is good to go!


List of the parts on the motor...

Rebuilt with acl bearings

Arp studs on mains, rod ends and head

Mls hg

Hd springs

Ati hb

Tog single turbo manifold modified to t3 flange

Garret gt3582r

Turbosmart 45mm wastegate

Braided water and oil lines

Low temp thermostat

1000cc bosch inj

Aeroflow billet fuel rail

Aeroflow fpr

-10 fuel feed

-8 return

80mm throttle body welded on standard plenum

Heater hose moved from back of motor turbo side to under intake manifold

Ls coils

-10 rocker cover fittings for catch can




Cooler is back on after being cleaned and had the mounting hole elongated to get it to mount up higher...



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Its slowly looking like a car again, i have finally bolted the i/c piping all together and catch can is plumbed up, it just needs to be mounted...







I have finally received my clutch from a group buy i ran with Direct Clutch... its a twin plate custom made to suit 800hp and 1100nm of tq cold 1300nm hot! So should be more than capable of handling what i have to throw at it...






Just waiting on some flywheel bolts to put it in then. Now im just waiting on my gbox and i can send it off for wiring and tune!

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Coming along well.

Not sure if you know of them but a T-Bar company called Goleby's Parts does everything JZ including proper made AC delete brackets for the PS pump :)

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Cheers guys, shouldnt be too much longer...


Coming along well.

Not sure if you know of them but a T-Bar company called Goleby's Parts does everything JZ including proper made AC delete brackets for the PS pump :)


Yeh fully aware of golebys, was a case of being a tightass and spend $80 compared to $5 for the drift car... lol but cheers for the heads up anyway.


Got around to getting the clutch in on the weekend, really nice looking setup... hopefully its not just all looks.


Billet lightweight flywheel




1 clutch plate and serperation disk or whatever you call it




The rest of the pics are potatoes apart from the finished product




First time its hit the ground and seen daylight since feb last year, now rockin its new bonnet... hopefully helps keep the bay temps down








Spoke to my gearbox builder to see if he could lend me some parts while im waiting on the rest and he said that should be fine, pending that i could have it back befor the end of the month then its tailshaft and see you later :D

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Got around to finishing the thermo fan shroud, pretty happy with the final result... 2480cfm of flow so hopefully they'll beable to cope...






Gave simon @ comp gearboxes a call on wednesday and it was time to go collect... so i went round to pick it up that afternoon and straight into getting it ready to put in...


Heres the pp convertor installed...




That night she was in 😆




Its now all bolted up with starter and slave, il have to get some inspection plates as the box i have didnt come with any... ill be ordering the tailshaft this week and then its time for wire up and tune!

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So yesterday didnt really go to plan... it took basicly all day to work out why the clutch wasnt bleeding up and out of changing lines, masters, bleeding in the car/ bench bleeding it all came down to the rod in the master had been wound out too far... once that was done i got around to bleeding the brakes and that was me done for the day.


During the week i recieved my one piece tailshaft, so what got fitted today was...


Spark plugs(i now have to modify the ls coils as the blue bits slip off the coilpack)

Rad and thermos.. il have to cut the front rad support and push it forward abit more so the thermos clear the water pump completely

Rad pipes with the fittings for the header tank

Header tank

Bonnet pins








Whats left...

Fit overflow

Fill gbox

Clean interior

Mount header tank

Catch can

Drivers seat

Surge tank

Get coilovers revalved and heavier spring rate on fronts


Then its off for wiring, exhaust and tune...


When i get it back it will just be...

Extended lcas

Extra lock knuckles

Mount rear seat delete

Roll guards abit more

Get alignment and skids!!


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This week i had an early day on thursday so i decided to pull apart the front end and try and get that sorted befor it goes to wire up... i got the knuckles and lcas out and got onto jake from jdi to work his magic on them. Since they were out id thought id give shockworks a call to get the shocks re-valved and heavier spring due to the extra weight of the 2j... when i got their Chris asked if i wanted to wait around while he does mine and i can see what goes on behind the scenes... I cant recommend these guys enough! The quality of there product backed with the knowledge that have from years of experience through R'n'D and testing is outstanding. I haven't driven on a coilover that allows so much grip yet dosent break your back after going at it all day!


If you cant get the power down or looking for a better setup, give these guys a call and you'l be quite surprised at what they can do! Best thing is you can get these fully serviced and rebuilt unlike all the big name brands right here in melbourne!


They went with their new valve codes and installed 8kg springs on the front.




I ended up dropping my knuckles and lcas off last night, should have them back from jake in the next day or so...

Edited by Major

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Cheers mate, startin to get excited about the build again!


Last week my tuner said it was gona be pushed back a few days for wire up so i sent my lcas and knuckles off to get cut n shut...


25mm extended lcas and extra lock knuckles...



I went to the wreckers and got some maxima inner tie rods off a '96 model and also a set of rack spacers and installed the front end, heres what iv ended up with so far... theres alot more in it but my wheels arm hitting the castor arms...




When i get it back iv got some 20mm spacers to throw on and il have to massage the guards abit to solve that issue.


Once i got that back together i finished off all the other little things that needed doing and on thursday she got picked up to go get wired up!




The sump is abit low, it actually hit the tray of the tow truck acouple times so im getting a bash plate made and susing out my other options befor i raise it...


The plan is to make april prac day but im 50/50 at this point as it still needs


Wire up



Bash plate


Run in

Fix steering

Mount rear plate to seperate cab/boot


Body kit & Gt wing (if time allows)

Edited by Major

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Sooooooooooo the car is now wired up but it wont be making it to winton as i wont have enough time to finish everything off BUT! I did come across another s14 which i picked up for a steal which i will be doing the april prac day in


Its a s14a with mods as follows:


1jz-gte vvti

Gtx 3037

Six boost mani

Turbosmart 50mm wg


Z32 afm

Apexi Power fc

800cc inj

Gizmo bc

Koyo rad

Custom cooler piping

Twin 12" thermos

Oversized water pump pulley

3" exhaust

1 x walbro intank

2x 044's ext

Surge tank


R154 remote shift

Npc custom clutch

R33 driveshafts

Kaaz 2way

R33 brakes all round

Solid subframe bushes

Driftworks rear knuckles

Kuroi front knuckles

Ikeya formula adjustable sus

Tubbed front end

Lengthened lcas


Work emotion cr kai 18 x 9.5 +11

Federal rsr semi slicks



Full weld in cage

2 x Recaros

2 x harness

Toggle switches for lights/ thermos/ windows

Button start

S15 dash

Stripped interior



Dmax roof spoiler and lip

Works 9 bodykit

Ford ego grey














So plans are to slide this for the time being then prob strip and maybe reshell into this... see how we go i guess

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Since getting the car, i started preping it ready for winton...


Gearbox got freshened up (3rd and 4th were abit how ya goin.)

Clutch plate was replaced as the one in it had seen better days

Rear ball joints, they were hanging on by a couple of threads

Front pass inner tierod was loose

Put standard seat in as im too tall for current bucket/rails

Noodles around roll cage

Wheel alignment



On saturday i took it for a hill run to bed the clutch in befor loading her up and heading off






Finally after jus over a year i was back out on track, was great to be back out there! First session i was really cautious getting use to the car. Just kept pushin it more and more every lap, i couldnt fault it at all! It is so predictable, felt solid and power is amazing, all i can say is bring on the 2j!


Unfortunately 2nd session 2 laps into it i boew the diff which ended my day as i didnt have a spare with me.


Going to pull it out tomorrow and assess the damage and go from there but il prob do calder next month if i can get in...


Iv booked it in for a check up on the dyno to get the tune sussed out with Simon @ Nt Performance and will also do the handbrake cables befor i do the next prac day

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Calder is this weekend so the last couple weeks have been preppin the car, firstly i picked up some handbrake cables replaced them so i finally have a working one for the first time! what a mission that turned out to be as the cables were hard up between the k frame and body of the car, after some help from me good ol mate prybar i finaly got it done...


I also pulled the diff out to suss the damage and turns out i destroyed the crown and pinion last prac day... after abit of screwing around i finally sourced a donor diff and went about replacing it...


Here im pulling out the replacement diffs center



Changed the crowns over




Just making sure its aligned properly




And thats what ya want!




Heres the old pinion




Diffs back in now and i took it for a test drive and is all good to go!


Bring on skids!

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Cheers bling, he seemed like a top bloke...i definately agree with you, he built this car so close to the way iv done the white one its not funny! You can tell he didnt spare on anything and now iv given basicly everything a freshen up she is back to her former glory... and its a handful thats for sure! But at the same time predictable so hopin i get some track time this week and get useto it.

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I did the practice day just gone in the grey s14 and what a wet day it turned out to be! Every session i went out bar the last 2 were raining. Took it easy and just kept playing around with the car getting use to it and by the last 2 sessions when it dried up i could start throwing it in harder and harder... hopefully a few pics pop up as my gopro battery didnt hold charge so have basicly no footage or pics 😡 had a blast but sadly i now have to put it up for sale as my car is nearly finished. Check for sale section if interested in the next few days or pm me.






This week i went down to get some more things done to the white one, ended up getting the intake nearly finished and the bash plate welded up. Heres a few pics,)...



Simon in action welding up the bash plate for the sump...




Monster intake with as little silicon joiners as possible, Should dose alright!






Added another 30° bend forward to get abit more clearance between the pod and wheel... il also make up a plate to stop water getting flicked by the wheel onto the pod...



Now im just drilling out the bash plate for airflow and to save some weight, then il give it a quick paint and it will be done.




Exhaust was all tacked up on friday, it is 3inch dump, then flares to 3.5inch all the way with a flex pipe underneath. Simon couldnt track down a 3.5inch hotdog in time so for now there is a muffler to twin 3.5 tips. That will get changed once i get the car back but it will do for now to get it running.


Next week il empty the tank, do the seat rails, put the intake pump in, fill with fluids and we should see it kick over for the first time!

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I got the day off today so i went down to do some more on the pig. By the time id got there, Simon had finished welding the exhaust up and screamer! So i Gave them a coat of paint and re- fitted them.












We also got an old pump and got the old fuel out of the tank. Then we finished the seat rail for the bucket seat and adjusted the postion of the pod so the wheel dosent collect it.


Put some run in oil and coolant in, going back thursday to finish off little bits and should have it crank over if everything is all going to plan! Touchwood!

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Doing a big final push to get this done... i went down today and finished off some more things...


Walbro 460 e85 compatible fuel pump in the hanger with -10 speedflow fittings.




The bucket seat is now back in on the modified low rail and harness is in... i just need to do the eyelets in the harness bar




And here is the engine bay finished up!




Going back again tomorrow and i may have a vid... fingers crossed!

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Looks good mate, hope it ticks over with no gremlins or leaks etc. will be a weapon!


I noticed your dump sits pretty close to the clutch mater cylinder, can't see if you have a hardline or not. I'm having some issues with clutch fluid boiling on mine as my dump sits probably a little closer to the cylinder than yours. Just a friendly heads up if you can heatshield and sleeve the line etc. or if you run into issues


How did you get on with the gearbox rebuild and strengthening? What did you end up doing?

Edited by 1.5J 180

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Cheers for the heads up, currently its braided line with heatwrap around it but i will be putting the heat shield stuff in there while wrapping the dump pipe to try and keep that and the brake fluid from boiling...


The gearbox hasnt had its strengthening yet as i havent had time to go see the engineers so it has jus been stripped and inspected so far... that will come down the track hopefully befor it lets go haha!


Today was a good day! Went down to Nt again and finally got to hear her alive for the first time! Sounds tough af but we couldnt get it on the dyno today as im having a clutch issue, seems the s14 clutch master isnt moving enough fluid so it wont let it go into gear. I also have a slight leak from the egay sandwich plate ffs! All in all though not too bad, iv already got a bigger bore master and ill go back tuesday to finish it. Thankfully i have a mad boss that understands!


Excuse the potatoe video..



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So i got the car back from getting the run in tune done, clutch issue turned out to be clutch fluid seeping through a braided line and an aftermarket slave not travelling enough... so glad the box didnt have to come back out again!


I went to sandown yesterday for the tampered motorsport day to get some ks on the motor, so much more relaxed then how vicdrift run their days... i missed the first session due to still prepin the car, got out in the 2nd session and cant believe its finally driving!!


Rev cut @ 4k and boost cut @ 4psi so not the funniest thing to drive atm but already off boost all it wants to do is step out and keep pulling...


I ended up finishing the day doing 4 sessions, unfortunately only doing 60ks over the day so i need to get out more and get closer to 1000ks that my tuner wants me to do, atm its prob sitting around 250-300ks


Only had minor issues over the day which il address this week


New allen key bolts for steering wheel (came loose during a session and was tightening them with my fingers :o)

Gearbox bolts kept coming loose so new oems will be ordered

Scrubbin in the front

Re-run wires in front drivers guard again

Banjo bolt for turbo Waterline was leaking between the copper washer and bolt


Pretty happy that they are only minor and could do the whole day, now to fix and go out again






Hows this setup, you can only dream!








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Good to see she's running and going strong mate.


I dare say you won't need to rack up the full 1000k's if you're running it in under high load such as at the track - keen to see this on the dyno!!


What fuel are you going to run?

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Cheers guys!


I hope your right as i so cbf'd an i doubt il get near it, its sooo hard not being able to put your foot in it!


il try and do another grip day and do a week or 2 of hill runs and leave it at that, my tuner jus wanted me to rack up as many as i could...


Same, Il make sure the dyno vid isnt potatoe like the last one lol


To start off with il jus be running 98 but when im comfortable in the car and doing more than 1 event a month il change over to e85


She even got a few snaps taken on the weekend









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Looks tough, low as at the front :humpleg:


Gave mine a hiding this morning at a circuit and coffee... baking third gear to redline with the screamer going is hard to beat haha, bet you're itching for the full tune

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