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S15 Grip/Street/Track build thread

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Looking good mate, what's it cost to get a steering wheel re upholstered??

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Looking good mate, what's it cost to get a steering wheel re upholstered??


Was $275 in leather with whatever colour and style stitching I wanted

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Well it's been about 8 months since I've updated this. Oops... hahaha


Lots has happened to the car and lots has been modified or changed. This is gonna be a big post hahahaha


Ok in time order the first thing that happened was fitting up an AEM Tru boost and Walbro 255 fuel pump. The electronic boost controller was simple to fit and hides away nicely in the glovebox in a little guage holder I bought for about $5 off of eBay. The Walbro install was easy aswell apart from the fact that I snapped one of the quick connect fittings on the top of the fuel tank bulkhead. I read that this is a common issue but was a pain cause a new bulkhead was close to $100 if I remember correctly!












Next I did a couple of visual things to the car just to get it looking the business and cause it was all cheap and I was saving to get some more power out of the bloody thing cause god it was slowwwwwww!!!


First thing was I got a set of D-max style taillights second hand pretty cheap and whacked them on.






After that I got a hole-less boot off a mate and decided to try and give it a lick of paint and see how it looked. I've always been a massive fan of wing-less S15s and loved it when it went on even if my painting is terrible and the colour match was slightly off hahahaha. I don't care though, it's no show car, I bought it to drive it.










Finally I grabbed the JDM front badge and whacked it on. Call me a wanker or whatever for running the 'S' badge on an ADM car but idgaf it looks better so who cares...






Now enough boring visual shit, lets do some real mods. I bought a second hand but only 1000km old Garrett GT2871R to go on the car. Turbo came with Earls braided lines, spaghetti manifold, turbosmart wastegate actuator and a dump. Sold the dump and stockpiled the turbo and stuff for future fun.










Here are some pics of the car cause I had them lying around...








BAD NEWS! We had a massive hail storm around where I live at the start of the year and it was while I was at work and the car was parked on the street. Car isn't too badly damaged but probably has about 10 dents over it in really annoying places like the roof, bonnet, rear quarters and boot. Pretty much everywhere... FUCK. Oh well though, nothing I can do about it and maybe one day I'll get it fixed but for now I don't really notice it when I walk up to the car so whatever. Here's the size of the hail we had...




Soooo I got new wheels cause they came up bullshit cheap. They were a set of genuine BBS forged wheels and I've legit never lifted a wheel so light. From memory the sizing was a 17x8 +38 so I whacked 20mm spacers on all around and got them sitting alright. I liked them on the car alot.








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Doing this big update in a few parts so here's the second bit of the post!


NOW FOR THE FUN PART! By fun I mean fucking expensive though. Blew way too much money on this (easy $6-7000) bit but fuck it, turned out alright in the end haha.


After stockpiling parts for a while I finally had everything I needed to put the gt2871r turbo on and actually get this thing moving. It had only ever been running stock boost on a stock turbo since factory so it was gonna be alot quicker.


Parts I had stocked up on were:

850cc bosch injectors


GT2871R turbo

Spaghetti manifold

Braided lines

Couple fitting etc.


Started pulling the stock turbo off and all was going smoothly.






Got the new turbo on and I was stoked, everything was fine and keen to get it tuned. Until I started it up....




When I started it the car was all smooth and ran fine but I noticed a bit of smoke coming from the turbo. I thought I must have had some oil on something that was just burning off but after a while I realised something was leaking. Fuck.


Pulled the turbo off again to find that one of the fittings didn't seem to be fully tightened in so i wrenched if down and got to putting the turbo back on again. Back to where I was a few days earlier and time to start it and see if it was still smoking...


It was. Fuck.


No idea what was going on now and I knew all the fittings were tight so fuck it, I'll take it to my tuner/mechanic and get them to sort it. Well, after taking the turbo off to inspect what was going on they found that the oil feed fitting was slightly wrong and was leaking from there (the one that I had already tried tightening down the second time I had the turbo off). That would have been an easy fix by just swapping over the fittings however me being a knob had somehow cracked the turbo bearing core casting by tightening the wrong fitting down too much and it had pushed into the actual turbo bearing itself.


This effectively made the turbo completely seized and the entire core (pretty much the whole bitch of a thing and the expensive part) useless and un-repairable.


Bit the bullet and lost the $1000 that I had spent on the second hand turbo due to my own shitty work. Bought a brand spanking new Garrett core for the thing for about $1250 if I remember correctly and got them to put that on. Least it looked pretty and they took a nice photo of it hahahaha.




Well it got on the dyno eventually and started getting tuned! WOOO finally gonna make some power! But no, turns out that the cooler piping I got off a mate had about 2-3 holes in every single weld..... Meant that it all had to be yanked off and re-welded. FFS.


Finally it was back on the dyno and the day that I saw a post on facebook of my car on the dyno was a fantastically happy day hahaha. Cost me more than I'll say on here but it made 230.05kw at the rear wheels in the end! Awesome figure that I was absolutely stoked with. And far out the car was a shit load quicker than before! It was actually amazing to drive and I was so happy with everything. Was almost my perfect little street car package.




So what next to do but drive it properly. I have wanted to enter Mt Alma Mile hillclimb for a few years and this was the year. Firstly needed to mount my fire extinguisher and tow points as per the CAMS requirements.


Made a bracket to mount to fire extinguisher to the passenger seat footwell just infront of the seat that came out perfectly. Could not have asked for a better finish on this one! I dont have a photo of how it sits unfortunately, will have to remember to try and grab one.








Also made a bracket to mount the tow point to the chassis as a few very reputable people told me not to trust the factory ones. Made a bracket and bolted and welded it to the chassis. It may not look like much but I 100% trust it. It is waaaayyyyy stronger than it will ever need to be and I completely trust it to pull my car out of a ditch by. Cut a slit in the front bumper and fed the tow strap out of that.


DISCLAIMER: I'm not a dickhead who runs the towstrap while driving on the street. I tuck it back in when I'm daily driving the car and only take it out in preparation for events. I'm not some honda noob who feels the need to make their stock civic look like a racecar.










Next up I got new wheels and semi's in preparation for Mt Alma Mile. Got a good deal on some Genuine CR Kais and decided to go with extended wheel studs and 20mm hubcentric spacers all around to get them sitting nicely. The wheels were white when I got them but I sprayed them black cause I didn't wanna be a show pony and I really like the look of black personally.












Fuck yeah, the car was looking the absolute business! In love with how it is right now, might lower it a little more but loving the look it has especially on good tyres.


Running Federal 595 RSR-R in the front (215/45-17) and Nankang NS2R 120TW in the rear (235/40-17)


Passed scruitineering before Mt Alma and was all stickered up ready to race! Keen!




Mt Alma was amazing fun! Everything went pretty smoothly, my exhaust rattled loose one run cause of the bumps on the dirt road up the top of the climb and it was a little wet at the start of the Sunday but got some good runs in over the weekend. Ended 3rd in my class (modified RWD 2000cc-4000cc) which I was stoked about. Was struggling to launch the car off the line the whole weekend and was only just getting the feel for the track towards the end. My gearing was in a really annoying spot for a few of the corners, shorter diff ratio will really help a lot next year!






Bad news though, clutch slipped a few times at Mt Alma and in about the second to last run I started hearing a massive whine from either the gearbox or clutch. Pretty sure it's thrust bearing but it happens in every gear except 4th so who knows tbh.


I've decided I'll just replace everything cause I don't wanna have to pull the box twice. Am going to go brand new NPC clutch, genuine thrust bearing and Z32 gearbox conversion.


Found a cheap Z32 gearbox and after dealing with the most frustrating person in the world off of gumtree finally got it and the inspection came up mint so I'm a happy man!!






Found a cut and shut RB26 bellhousing to suit SR and got it bolted on when I got the gearbox inspected.












So that's how the car sits at the moment. Awaiting the gearbox conversion which is coming along nicely. So keen to have the Z32 gearbox in there and will be nice having the piece of mind of having such a capable driveline in the car!

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Forgot to take a couple photo's of stuff ans was out in the shed today working on the gearbox conversion so thought I'd take some snaps while I was out there.


Here's a few photo's of how the boost controller is mounted aswell as the fire extinguisher.








Also here's a photo of the dyno sheet after the last tune where it made 230.18kw



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