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My 810 SSS

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hello everyone not new to forums but giving them ago again as im excited about my newproject







So I wanted something old again as they are simple to work on mechanically wise always being a fan of old school cars i have recently gained suitable employment to allow me to take one on



after doing some research i decided on either a Datsun 1600 or a ke55 , both cars i have previously owned and are familiar with though i couldn't find a decent enough ke and the prices for a decent 1600 is ridiculous i stumbled on this.







Datsun 200B SSS it was a little rough but if i could snag it for the right price it would be win win so i chucked a bid on it and happily i won it for dirt cheap





of course being a datsun there was bound to be rust so i wasnt suprised when i saw this photos








So i will need to get that sorted out when it arrives.



this will be no race car just a fun cruiser.



gotta love the brown moldy interior



you might notice the lack of Manual I could change this in the future










Talk to to corporate (like a boss)

Approve memos (like a boss)

Lead a workshop (like a boss)

Remember birthdays (like a boss)

Direct workflow (like a boss)

My own bathroom (like a boss)

Micromanage (like a boss)

Promote Synergy (like a boss)

Hit on Debra (like a boss)

Get rejected (like a boss)

Swallow sadness (like a boss)

Send some faxes (like a boss)

Call a sex line (like a boss)

Cry deeply (like a boss)

Demand a refund (like a boss)

Eat a bagel (like a boss)

Harrassment lawsuit (like a boss)

No promotion (like a boss)

Fifth of vodka (like a boss)

Shit on Debra's desk (like a boss)

Buy a gun (like a boss)

In my mouth (like a boss)

Oh fuck man I can't fucking do it... shit!

Pussy out (like a boss)

Puke on Debra's desk (like a boss)

Jump out the window (like a boss)

Suck a dude's dick (like a boss)

Score some coke (like a boss)

Crash my car (like a boss)

Suck my own dick (like a boss)

Eat some chicken strips (like a boss)

Chop my balls off (like a boss)

Black out in the sewer (like a boss)

Meet a giant fish (like a boss)

Fuck its brains out (like a boss)

Turn into a jet (like a boss)

Bomb the Russians (like a boss)

Crash into the sun (like a boss)

Now I'm dead (like a boss)

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Never too old. Throw an sr20 in that shit. Whats the plan?

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I second the motion for an SR20. Would be damn fast.

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Was actually Going to Keep the original L20B and chuck some webbers on the side.


but before all that fix the exterior up a little bit , it onlys real rust issue which all datsun have is there is a decent hole in the door jam and there is a little bit on the beaver panel but I will probably try and find another one at a wrecker. my inspiration really is this car.



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picked up today super happy with it... only a few little things needs to be fixed up but i think it should easily pass a blueslip



Edited by eastcoastdrifter

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