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Build thread? Now with cams!

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So I thought I might create a build thread after owning the car for about 10 years.


Anyway, quickly about me. I'm 35, I work in IT and most of my cars were Nissans.


My old slightly embarrassing rides:






And then I bought this:



Very clean, stock as a rock, first owner in AU, low KMs etc.

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I didn't plan to keep it stock neither I planned to baby it.

So I've installed the set of Tein Super Street coilovers, some cat-back exhaust and air filter


Then took it for it's first Skid-pan at Oran Park. That really was a great facility. I'm still sad that they knocked it down....


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Next mod was to install front mount intercooler. I just went with just jap. The piping was quite shitty and it wasn't really a bolt-on application.


I had to cut up hot-side of the piping to make it fit.


Saying that I never had any issues with it since.









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Next I had to get the alignment sorted so I got myself a set of http://battleversion.com/ camber and toe arms as well as Kazama Caster arms.


The car started to handle better but it was getting quite hot at wakefield, so I needed to get oil cooler sorted.


I went with B&M oil cooler as it was getting pretty good reviews and I couldn't really afford anything better back then. For plumbing I've got Greddy thermostatic relocation block. At first I tried using Greddy thermostatic sandwich plate, but it just didn't fit in the tight space of SR20 with couple of sensors attached. I think it was hitting either alternator or intake manifold support bracket.









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At the same time I made up some Air-ducts for front brakes out of thin aluminium





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Went to Wakefield park for a drift day - that was seriously fun day! Too bad they stopped doing drift days there :(





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Got myself rear brakes from R33 GTST.


By that time front ones were already upgraded. I had to make up a simple bracket to space the cable out a little as otherwise there wouldn't be enough cable to lock up the wheels.


Also installed a drift button I had laying around









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Nice write up man.


With the skyline rears did you change the knuckle or just add the backing plates and drum setup?

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It was much easier to find whole assembly, together with hand brake cables.


Hardest part was to remove current knuckles as even rattle gun struggled to undo the bolts.

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So I decided that I needed to further upgrade my cooling. The plan was to kill 2 birds with 1 stone: getting more room in the engine bay and installing more efficient radiator.


Nothing special - just thick 2row ebay-special core. Installation was true plug-and-play. I just had to wire in Engine Guardian to control the fans http://www.carsensors.com/Engine_Guardian.html



Comparing thickness



All that extra space.



I'm planning to re-run intercooler piping so it doesn't go through the battery tray.


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Also this is what your Rotors would look like if you wear your pads to the metal.

Not cool.

Don't do it.

Always check your pads before track day.


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So over this Christmas break I decided to change my cams. I had set of poncams laying in a shed for years now, so it was a perfect opportunity to do it. Also I had a set of Performance Springs and RAS.


Until then I never even removed a rocker cover of any engine and idea of changing valve springs and cams single-handed was a little scary. So the key to success was to have right tools and reading material(FSM and http://jimwolftechnology.com/wolfpdf/caminstallinstforsr20.pdf mainly). English documentation that came with Poncams was useless, there was only one thing I could understand from it - cams tightening process should be different to standard cams due to larger lobes.


Tools needed:

Standard set of sockets and spanners, screwdrivers etc.

24mm and 27mm sockets to turn crank shaft and undo cams bolts

Ideally 1" spanner to hold cams in place while you undo the bolt(I didn't have it and had to use adjustable wench, which i had to trim a little since it was too thick).

Air compressor.

Assembly lube.

Liquid gasket.

Rocker cover gasket set.

torque wrench

And this tool. You have very little chances to succeed in this without it. It came with everything, I didn't even have to use compression tester as it came with spark plug adapter with built-in valve.



Whenever you remove parts from the engine - put them in the same order so you don't forget where the parts came from. Clearance is very important.



Everything has been removed



Make sure to mark the links so you don't skip a tooth when you put everything back together.



Exhaust side came with a bit of a surprise scoring on stock cams and rocker arms(intake was fine).



So I had order new rocker arms from Taarks







All that was easy. Changing valve springs was fiddly as F.

It was really important to adjust the tool correctly as otherwise retainers wouldn't sit properly.





What all that was done without dropping a valve in it was time to put everything back together.

* I didn't realise I had to take intake gear cover off, as otherwise you cannot put torque wrench on the bolt.

* Unless you have some special 1" spanner (not adjustable wrench like I did) you cannot tighten cam bolts with RAS installed - the it not enough space. I had to take RAS off, do up the cams and put it back on.

* you have to trim rocker cover. I used multi tool and dremel. Cover it up well before start cutting it up as cleaning oily cover would be a pain.


* I didn't realise that putting the cover back on with all gaskets was quite tricky too.

* Don't forget to break the cams in.


Take the car for a dyno tune. More power on less boost - WIN. Very happy with how the car drives and with MRC service. Mark is a really good guy, honest and knowledgeable.



For now, I hope I won't have to open the engine up again for a long time.

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So I decided to make another attempt to improve cooling on the track as the car was always getting a little too hot and I had to do cooling laps, which was very annoying.


After doing some reading I found that undertrays actually to really help so I made one out of aluminium sheet.






I guess we'll see how it goes in couple of weeks. If it actually makes a difference I might make something a little bit better.

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