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Hi Everyone, 

Long story short my mechanic I've been with since 2012 are closing their doors. Now needing a new workshop to take on my car.

I need suggestions on who to consider. My car is a 180sx running a SR20 and need someone who can confidently tune, service and repair it. 

I'm in the Para Hills region and obviously don't want to travel extensive amounts and would like someone local if possible.

Hit us up with suggestions and experiences. More discussion the better. 


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Hey man! Good to see some people on here still haha 

what ecu you running? I know it shouldnt matter too much but places “specialise” in tuning certain ecu brands. 

Probably just recommend you go to jaustech to be honest!

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Hey mate, good to see you're still on here also. 

I've currently got a Nistune. I was going to Jaustech but they have unfortunately closed their doors hence needing to find a new place to go.

Locally I've got Boostworx, Fours N More and Morpowa. Unsure if anyone else knows of any other places. 

I've spoken to Simon at Morpowa and I'd like to have him take on my 180 but he doesnt do imports and mainly concentrates on V8s but I'm trying to twist his arm to make an allowance for me.

Places I've considered that arnt local to me are Japanese Motorsport, Garage 7 and Glynde Garage. 

Just looking for suggestions and recommendations as I want to only take my car to one workshop and build a positive relationship with them like I had with Jaustech. 

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Hey mate,

Decs has always been great at G7, i'd head there if they can fit your car in.

Anthony is at Glynde garage now if you still want him to run your car on the dyno though?

Further South is Graham West workshop as well who are a good bunch.

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