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HELP | Installing an r34 wheel into s15 with steering wheel controls.

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Hello Silvia Gurus :)


I am seeking a hand with installing a steering wheel from the R34 and using the triptronic controls for the stereo in the car. A few things you should know before going ahead:

- The R34 wheel does fit, and the airbag is identical to that of the S15

- As far as i am aware, the S15 does not have provisioning in the clock spring for the additional buttons. (please correct me if i am wrong)

- I have an aftermarket pioneer head unit (pretty sure they offer steering wheel buttons as an option if your wheel supports it, otherwise you need to make your own with resistors and such)


Ok so i have been brainstorming some things that i can do, but have come into a few issues.


First thing i thought of doing was running a few extra wires through the clock spring for use with the controls (I think i might even be able to get away with running 1 wire as long as the resistance is changed at the buttons rather than closer to the head unit) but then i thought that if i rob the power from the horn, will it cause it to go off? So i guess I am asking, will the horn sound if the circuit is completed from the positive power supply to the horn button, or will it sound if it is grounded through the negative which is the steering column only?


Another idea i had was to use a micro-controller in the wheel to connect to a receiver behind the head unit and power via the horn (again i am unsure if the horn will sound if the current is drawn from the positive line or not?)


I was also considering looking for a R34 clock spring which was for the triptronic wheel, but i am unsure if it will fit :(


If anyone has done this before, i would love to hear how you achieved this :) if anyone else has any helpful info that might point me in the right direction, please drop me a comment :) i appreciate any help you guys can offer.


Thanks in advance

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