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My spelling is shit too (Yes I know).


Hi all

This is my Rodeo It is for all sale if anyone would like it. PM me or call 0402829173


I owned the Rodeo for the last 14years. When I got it was dead stock


I dont have any photo's from when I frist got it but he one fo the frist photo's that I have.

It's from about 5-6 years ago.


post-96425-0-59638100-1328682831_thumb.jpg post-96425-0-67972500-1328682853_thumb.jpg


It now has a vr v6 in to and it was on nos 150 shot.

But it all went wrong after that. 1 engine 3 gearboxs.LOL


post-96425-0-69995000-1328682875_thumb.jpg post-96425-0-98618800-1328683765_thumb.jpg


It got a new diff from a VL commodore Turbo. Brog Warner the centre is LSD 28 spine axles and the diff gears are 3.45


post-96425-0-95579300-1328683919_thumb.jpg post-0-0-73584300-1328684173_thumb.jpg


The paint starts


post-0-0-76088400-1328684232.jpg post-0-0-16812200-1328684269.jpg

post-0-0-84911600-1328684393_thumb.jpg post-0-0-31852400-1328684447_thumb.jpgpost-0-0-44954300-1328684476_thumb.jpg post-0-0-31852400-1328684447_thumb.jpg post-0-0-02182400-1328684525_thumb.jpgpost-0-0-23054600-1328684542_thumb.jpg


Then i Started on the inside


post-0-0-77301500-1328684627_thumb.jpg post-0-0-49587700-1328684735_thumb.jpg post-0-0-40891500-1328684929_thumb.jpg post-0-0-46054700-1328684694_thumb.jpg post-0-0-82915900-1328684728_thumb.jpg post-0-0-56498100-1328684761_thumb.jpg post-0-0-58516700-1328684791.jpg post-0-0-98483300-1328684949_thumb.jpg post-0-0-30307000-1328684974_thumb.jpg post-0-0-41539000-1328685053_thumb.jpg


Back to the paint job


post-0-0-17582200-1328685107_thumb.jpg post-0-0-34374500-1328685122_thumb.jpgpost-0-0-61112400-1328685161_thumb.jpg post-0-0-48119300-1328685207_thumb.jpg post-0-0-28601400-1328685295_thumb.jpg


Now it was time to make it look like a Rodeo agian.


post-0-0-59790600-1328685470_thumb.jpg post-0-0-26786700-1328685500_thumb.jpg post-0-0-81116100-1328685535_thumb.jpg


I move house


post-0-0-08017900-1328685685_thumb.jpg post-0-0-34380100-1328685702_thumb.jpg post-0-0-40180000-1328685718_thumb.jpg


This is when the inside got finshed off Tunes


post-0-0-07512900-1328685898_thumb.jpg post-0-0-38843400-1328686348_thumb.jpg post-0-0-68910300-1328686377_thumb.jpg


Then I got same photo's taken.


post-0-0-54112000-1328686228_thumb.jpg post-0-0-18272600-1328686093_thumb.jpg post-0-0-30980700-1328686126_thumb.jpg post-0-0-05848700-1328686484_thumb.jpeg post-0-0-65561600-1328686516_thumb.jpg post-0-0-17849900-1328686532_thumb.jpg post-0-0-27131400-1328686545_thumb.jpg post-0-0-06070200-1328686579_thumb.jpg post-0-0-15039300-1328686614_thumb.jpeg


But did I stop there.

No I did not like the rear tail lights , front Grill, Chrome door handle and mirrors.

So I got same new black door mirrors, black door handle and painted the rear tail lights red


post-0-0-89165600-1328686976_thumb.jpg post-0-0-83686300-1328687049_thumb.jpg post-0-0-94559800-1328687071_thumb.jpg


Then I made a billet grille

What a pain in the ass that was.LOL

But it looked good in the end.


post-0-0-32200400-1328688187_thumb.jpg post-0-0-74889200-1328688169_thumb.jpg post-0-0-60557700-1328688208_thumb.jpg


But now I have to give it same more go and make the engiane look better.

So i pulled it all out fixed same wiring and just cleaned it up.


post-0-0-41505600-1328688415_thumb.jpg post-0-0-49612400-1328688426_thumb.jpg post-0-0-25066700-1328688434_thumb.jpg post-0-0-21582900-1328688441_thumb.jpg post-0-0-81874900-1328688468.jpg post-0-0-34643500-1328688480.jpg post-0-0-34176500-1328688507.jpg post-0-0-99171000-1328688511.jpg post-0-0-74895300-1328688580_thumb.jpg post-0-0-71428500-1328688630_thumb.jpg post-0-0-91982200-1328688647_thumb.jpgpost-0-0-84765400-1328688663_thumb.jpg post-0-0-44919500-1328688681_thumb.jpg


And as for mods to the rodeo, will where do I start there was so meany of them.


Now I am all finsh with The Rodeo and time to move on and let the new owner get wheels and a tune. so I can get on with my hr31 2 door and my s13 build.


post-0-0-70156100-1328689169_thumb.jpg post-0-0-19319500-1328689166_thumb.jpg

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thats pretty dam cool


Cheers mate


Power figures?


Only just got the new ECU so it has not been dyno yet. Going to leave it for the new owner to do.

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dam that's clean. I would of kept it you did so much with to it. and its always handy to have a ute.

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what PSI is the charger set to run at?




dam that's clean. I would of kept it you did so much with to it. and its always handy to have a ute.


yer it is. Only driven it 2-3 time after i painted it.

Last time i drive it I went to the shop and same one keyed the tail gate( I was so piss off).

+ I have my Hr31 and now I have a S13(alwas wanted one).


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tuned 3.8 with 12psi I would say is around the 220 to 230kw at the flywheel, of course impossible to tell from just looking at pics, hope who ever buys it tunes and gets the figures to you to put up. would be interesting to see.

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That's alright

Better then the 80 od std.

The torque should be good as will

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I've crossed a lot of things off the list, but there is some tech debt that I need to take care off before moving onto the next focus. So far my next few weeks look like this:

  • graphical pip install/search
  • better docstrings / documentation
  • pop-out plot window / documentation
  • redo how tab dragging works so we can drag things around more

and then a ton of smaller stuff spread out with those.

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